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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The last time we were graced by Woody's mailbag, he told us that too many people were coaching up Tim Tebow, and the solution was to add Sean Salisbury to the mix. We also learned that Mr. Paige had coined the brilliant acronym EFX™. What might he have for us today? How about we start with some caponomics? Or not...

I don't know cap space from my cap size. Honestly, each season I look at the Broncos' salaries, plus bonuses paid to free agents and rookies, and do my own audit to see if the Broncos are keeping up with other teams and aren't short-changing the fans. I know that's not scientific and not completely accurate, but I have a life, and also I am covering about 15 teams and/or sports in the state.

Silly reader. Woody has not time for your trifling questions. HE'S GOT A LIFE, not to mention the three jobs, and he is covering JV basketball at the other corner of the state, the presidential election, and the events in Syria. Why don't you go ask Legwold?

According to Jeff Legwold of The Post, who is accurate about such things, the Broncos have $91 million committed in salaries for next season.

Yes, Captain Accuracy is our preferred fact finder, never mind claims last offseason that Denver was entering the draft with five picks (they had seven). I'm actually sending my taxes to Legwold, and will be expecting a MEGA REFUND.

BTW Woody, we haven't read your thoughts on seventh-round pick Virgil Green in a while - it's been at least two weeks, since your last mailbag. And considering they gave up the all-too-valuable 204th-overall choice in the draft to get him, plus a whopping $69K signing bonus, Broncos Nation would like to know how EFX™ are doing.

They took high-risk, high-reward players, and Julius Thomas and Virgil Green were basically lost last year. It's early, and we knew both were projects.

Ah, Green and Orange Julius were the same. Thomas was taken in the fourth round and hyped last summer like an amalgam of Shannon Sharpe, Antonio Gates, and Calvin Johnson. He saw 48 snaps all year; 46 against the Raiders and one each against two other teams, none after Week 9. Green saw 276 snaps, mostly late in the season and in the playoffs. But the two players are the same. Thanks for clarifying, Woodrow.

I actually believe Franklin is quicker than Clady, particularly after Clady had the Achilles injury, and Tebow rolls to his left all the time. I have a feeling Franklin is going to be a special tackle, and I just don't see the reasoning in making the swap. Tackle wasn't the problem.

TJ, Doc and Ted see a left guard. Woody sees a special tackle.

I guess I have no brain.

Even fleas have brains.

I think a lot of quarterbacks will shy away from the Broncos because they don't want to be in a run-oriented offense. And no matter what happens with Tebow, Fox is going to run a majority of the time. That's his philosophy. And that's a major reason he was quick to dump Kyle Orton, who was a pass-first quarterback.

A pass-first quarterback? Is that supposed to be a bad thing, like a me-first guy? Makes sense - those types are SO selfish, all they want to do is get the ball down the field and score points. Prima donnas. Tuck and run guys are the future of the game! THIS IS CLEAR. You said it, Woody - the main reason we should all be glad Kyle Orton is gone is that he's a pass-first guy!

The Broncos could reach out for a quarterback in the third or fourth round, although I believe they should wait another year and see how this plays out with Tebow. And Henne should be No. 1 on the list as the free agent brought in.

Just want to get this on record. If this is what they do, and Tebow lays an egg this season, and whoever Denver drafts doesn't fare well either, what will you write, Woodrow? That the Broncos blew the draft choice and should have taken another QB (who's succeeding elsewhere) in the first round?

Many people in Colorado reading this mailbag wish I had gone to Atlanta. Sorry, people.

Where would be the fun in that?


Legwold says Denver has "no desire to offer a blockbuster contract in free agency" so forget any pipe dreams featuring Mario Williams.

Of course, EFX™ say they're happy with how the 2011 Draft went.

Ex-Buffs QB Tyler Hansen says Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn are practically BFFs. Barry Petchesky thinks Mike Silver did wrong by Quinn, while Joe Lucia of AA is hoping players won't shy away from being critical of Tim Tebow; of course, the harshest assessment of Tim from Silver's article came not from Quinn, but from Terrell Suggs. Sam DeWitt doesn't see anything off about what Quinn said, and he feels bad for BQ. It's hard not to.

Sam Monson says the Broncos racked up all their rushing yardage in 2011 more thanks to scheme change than to improved performances by their linemen.

Legwold profiles Badgers QB Russell Wilson, whom TJ is hoping will fall to the Broncos somewhere in the middle rounds.


Thankfully, the league is going to address the possibility that teams can purposely flood the field with extra men on a given play at the minor expense of a five-yard penalty.

Green Bay gave TE Jermichael Finley a new two-year deal, while Bills CB Terrence McGee restructured his contract.

The NFL Coaches Associations hired outspoken De Smith critic David Cornwell to lead their organization.

Sounds like Cedric Benson won't be back in Cincy this season.

Now that it's been proven that fan billboards can enact QB moves, some folks in Miami put one up to woo Peyton Manning.


Alabama RB Trent Richardson won't perform any on-field drills in Indy due after having had his knee scoped a few weeks ago.

Doug Farrar lists his top offensive and defensive prospects heading into Combine.

Wes Bunting predicts who will come out of the Combine like roses and who will have blazing 40 times.

Bucky Brooks considers how Friday's coin flips for positioning will affect the draft.

Andrew Brandt and Jack Bechta share their insight into what goes on at Combine, plus some storylines John Clayton will be following.

Don Banks has Denver taking Spartans DT Jerel Worthy at #25 in his latest mock.


Khaled Elsayed ranks the NFL's offensive lines, starting with the bottom half - Denver is 30th.

Top free agent running backs according to PFF.

Larry Fitzgerald is the subject of KSK's newest meme.

A hilarious 8-year-old kid took to YT to ask LeBron James why he won't be a part of the dunk contest.

As the 500th episode of The Simpsons nears, the Grantland staff pick out their favorite clips from the show that's not as good as Family Guy.

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