Tebow support? Lard 2-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Lombardi is again writing about a lack of support for Tim Tebow within the Broncos organization. He says that holdovers from the organization pre-John Fox are "looking to distance themselves" from the decision to draft the quarterback last year. While it has seemed (to some) so far this offseason that Lombardi was pursuing some sort of agenda (perhaps on behalf of his friend Josh McDaniels), is his assertion anything different than what we've seen out of Dove Valley these past two months? Brian Xanders has already disavowed himself of practically every move McDaniels made, while John Elway has gone a lot farther than the typical "things just didn't work out" that one would expect.

Frankly, it's not that hard to figure out who Lombardi is referring to - it must be either Xanders, Mike McCoy, or both. QB coach Adam Gase, who worked with the WRs last year? Doesn't seem likely. I know that some of our readers have taken issue with Lombardi's statements regarding Tebow, but consider his body of work. Lombardi is one of the most knowledgeable and reasonable football analysts around, and it's hard to believe his reporting on Tebow is driven by anything of a personal nature. Lombardi is no Len Pasquarelli, folks.


John Fox spoke to a San Diego sports talk show last Friday. Here is the podcast, and a partial transcription.

The Florida Times-Union landed a lengthy interview with Tebow, who says he has a "good working relationship" with Kyle Orton although the two don't send each other love notes (big shock, there). Relative to football, there's not a ton of substance - mostly hackneyed athlete cliches, but Tebow does admit to being disappointed in his small role in the Broncos' game at Jacksonville, his hometown. He says he'll only endorse companies that align with his personal beliefs, speaks at length about his charity work, and explains why he agreed to co-author a book on his life. Finally, Tebow discusses his upcoming golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass and says he doesn't foresee himself becoming a contestant on The Bachelor (thank goodness for that).

Gabe Hiatt checks in on TE Richard Quinn, who says he'll be working out with RB Lance Ball for the second straight offseason.

Legwold is starting to think the Broncos should consider drafting A&M linebacker Von Miller (Ted started that party several weeks ago).

Plus, Legwold says the Broncos will be training at Dove Valley for the long term.

The Total Access guys discuss Tebow/Orton on NFLN; Baldinger says it will be hard to keep Tebow off the field next season, while Moose can't see Denver keeping both QBs around.

LenDale White apparently hasn't yet forgiven Pete Carroll for cutting him loose last year. So much for growing up and moving on. Remember those articles?

AFC West

Chargers owner Dean Spanos will meet with San Diego's mayor to discuss stadium issues.

Aaron Schatz puzzles over the confusing stats produced by Oakland's offense in 2010.

Williamson considers the key questions facing each AFC West team, including what the Broncos will do to bolster their defense.

Plus, a few remaining issues for the Broncos' rivals.


Yesterday marked the fourth day of meetings between the owners and players' union.

Judy Battista on NFL players' use of Twitter to share their thoughts on the CBA talks.

Andrew Brandt dispels a few CBA-related myths.


Minnesota used their franchise tag on LB Chad Greenway and isn't expected to retain DE Ray Edwards.

Baltimore is expected to cut RB Willis McGahee loose.

Bob Sanders met with the Jaguars and will visit the Bills next.

Bryan Cox has joined the Dolphins' coaching staff.

It took a year of playing for them for TO to figure out what's wrong with the Bengals.

Bowen thinks OJ Atogwe could be a good fit in Washington.

Doug F#$%ing Williams says inexperience and whiteness are still winning out in terms of front office jobs across the NFL.

KSK interprets PK's self-lovefest.

Vikings T Bryant McKinnie racked up quite the bar tab this weekend.

Neil Paine reminds us that great quarterbacks tend to play most of their playoff games at home, especially the Greatest Ever.

Barnwell evaluates FO's 2010 Wisdom of Crowds predictions on quarterbacks.


Cam Newton says he'll participate fully in the Combine. Matt Bowen applauds his decision.

Bucky Brooks sees a versatile and talented group of linebackers heading to Combine.

Joe Fortenbaugh looks back at how the Combine's fastest runners have fared in the NFL.

Farrar evaluates Cal DL Cameron Jordan, Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert, Bama WR Julio Jones and Huskers CB Prince Amukamara.

Lombardi thinks the mystery surrounding veteran free agency this year could help teams focus on drafting best available talent rather than to fill holes.

Bunting focuses on the senior QB prospects and searches out a late-round RB gem.

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