The Daily Lard 2-21-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis had a sitdown at Dove Valley yesterday with John Fox, who had the following to say:

  • Expect the Broncos to add two more QBs to the roster
  • Brian Dawkins will come back for one more year in Denver or retire
  • Ty Warren's potential return to health is not being taken for granted
  • Denver's greatest draft needs align with where this class is deep: defensive line and secondary

Nothing particularly new or surprising, but we'll take what we can get for the middle of February.


As Tim Tebow works again with Noel Mazzone on his mechanics (apparently for the third straight offseason) Mark Kriedler sees a parallel to Shaquille O'Neal's free-throw struggles and countless attempted fixes. As for the point that Tebow did work with Mazzone last year too: on one hand it's great to learn that it wasn't all book tours and underwear promotion, as we have been hitting Tebow for relentlessly; then again, that Tim has worked with Mazzone as much as he has and was still as inaccurate and inconsistent as he was in 2011 is discomfiting.

A day after writing that Denver plans to spend wisely in free agency, Jeff Legwold now says they will be aggressive. In other words, your guess is as good as his.

Nate Jahnke examines the Broncos' defensive line situation from a FF perspective, although there's plenty to chew on from a football standpoint; he figures Derrick Harvey will leave, that a return by Ty Warren could send Marcus Thomas elsewhere, and that Kevin Vickerson may also be on his way out.

Tebow accompanied a disabled 10-year-old girl to a Carton Network award ceremony.

Gray Caldwell recaps Denver's first playoff appearance in six years.


RG3 is not expected to throw at the Combine, instead waiting until his pro day.

Greg Cosell explains what to watch for (consistency from QBs, lateral quickness from RBs and CBs) and what not to overreact to (production, the power conferences, guys being "winners", straight-line speed) from draft prospects this week.

Bucky Brooks evaluates the top LB prospects entering the Combine.

Commencing his list of the top 50 draft prospects, Doug Farrar evaluates Troy DE/OLB Jonathan Massaquoi (cousin of both Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi and Vikes TE Visante Shiancoe) and LSU WR Rueben Randle.


Pittsburgh is moving Marcus Gilbert from right to left tackle.

Jay Cutler is understandably tired of having a set of receivers all under six feet tall, with the only exception being a guy who can't catch anyway (Roy Williams).

The Bundchens and the Welkahs are off in Costa Rica together despite Wes's inability to catch the ball. Welkah incredibly was paid only $2.15M for his prolific season; the Pats may use their franchise tag on him if they're unable to agree on a long-term deal. Meanwhile, Brandon Lloyd is still hoping to join New England and continues to tell the world.

Doug Farrar and Matt Bowen like KC's decision to sign of Stanford Routt.

Andrew Brandt still thinks Peyton Manning is leaving Indy, while John Clayton believes he'd be best served by sticking around.

Jaws is slightly bummed about leaving the MNF booth, but his hefty paycheck is making up for the sadness.

Ben Stockwell scouts free agent centers, led by Denver draftee Chris Myers; plus, pass blocking data for guards and centers, with Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton grading out remarkably poorly.

Christmas Ape does his best to make PK's MMQB more readable.

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