Extra Mayock Lard 2-21-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Toni Monkovic of the Times posted a lengthy interview with NFLN's Mike Mayock regarding the upcoming draft, and there's plenty of fascinating insight from Mayock. Of interest to us, he says that Cam Newton has better throwing mechanics than Tim Tebow, but of course the questions are whether he can handle an NFL playbook. Later on, Mayock states that the most important characteristic of a quarterback is not his physical ability, but his aptitude in understanding the complexities of a nuanced NFL offense and in reading defenses. He then points to a quick release, good feet and an athletic body, in that order of import. One has to think after reading this of Josh McDaniels and his praise for Tebow when he drafted the quarterback - the Broncos' former coach spoke most glowingly about Tebow's ability to quickly retain and recall terminology, much more so than about any of the QB's physical traits.

So what did Mayock say about Tebow last year?

He’ll be the first kid in the building every morning, he’ll understand everything you try to do on offense, he’ll know the defense better than anybody else. As far as the intangibles go, he’s like a Matt Ryan. He’s not anywhere near polished mechanically like Matt Ryan, but he’s a leader and a winner, so I wouldn’t bet against him. That doesn’t mean he’s a first round QB by any stretch, but I would not bet against Tim Tebow.

Bringing it back to what faces the Broncos today, Mayock refers to Nick Fairley and Da'Quan Bowers as both having "boom or bust potential." As has been expressed here on IAOFM, Mayock believes Marcell Dareus is the surer bet, albeit with perhaps a slightly lower ceiling. Plus, Mayock isn't sure that Patrick Peterson is an NFL cornerback due to his size - but he thinks there's potential for him to become an All-Pro safety.


Champ Bailey told Klis he was aware and appreciative of yesterday's rally for him at the Big IF, which saw a turnout of about 40 fans.

While Klis points to the difficulty for NFL players to stay united during labor strife due to their short careers, Kyle Orton says the union has strong solidarity and prepared each other well for the looming lockout.

Broncos lineman Eric Olsen has been hanging out on the Isle of Staten for the past month and waiting for the labor negotiations to play out.

Confirming what our pal Josina scribbled the other day, PFW says Ryan Harris was nearly dealt to Chicago before the trade deadline last season.

Dusty Saunders shares some details on the TV show inspired by Mark Schlereth's post-football life, for which a pilot episode is in production.


The third day of CBA talks lasted more than eight hours.

OJ Atogwe is visiting the Skins today.

Dave Duerson had been active regarding issues concerning NFL players' lives after retirement, and his apparent suicide caught the attention of many current players.

Peter King shares more on the Duerson story, plus he looks back at 2010 and pats himself on the back for saying that Tebow would be drafted higher than everyone had been saying, among a slew of other things.

Bowen analyzes a Jets pass play that utilizes a pick to free Santonio Holmes.

Plus, Bowen considers a few possible new homes for Bob Sanders.


Of particular interest to us, Bucky Brooks takes a pre-Combine look at the best defensive linemen.

Farrar evaluates USC tackle Tyron Smith, Missouri LB Aldon Smith, BC tackle Anthony Castonzo and Auburn QB Cam Newton.

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