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AFC West

Klis on the cumbersome situation Kyle Orton finds himself in as the Broncos' player union rep and possible lame duck QB. 

Next, Klis takes on the Broncos' draft considerations at #2. Bizarrely, he says the Broncos would be more likely to trade back if there's a rookie salary cap instituted before the draft. Can't say I follow the logic of that...

Here are Denver's top 5 defensive plays of 2010, according to Broncos TV.

Plus, some of the Broncos' best pregame sound bytes.

The Chiefs' longtime equipment manager is retiring. Yeah, there's that much news...


There were more CBA negotiations yesterday, again with no public statements.

Sadly, Dave Duerson apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and it sounds like he may have been suffering from CTE. Before his death, Duerson reportedly sent his family a text message asking that his brain be donated for CTE research.

Alan Schwarz on Duerson, who had been an active member of the players' union and had an econ degree from Notre Dame and a Harvard MBA.

Bill Rhoden checks in on Giants safety Chad Jones, who was severely injured in a car wreck last year not long after being drafted.

Dan Pompei's Sunday column.

Joe Fortenbaugh ranks the NFL's stadiums from 1 to 31; The Big IF comes in at #11.

Speaking of stadiums, the Bills will have a new playing surface for theirs next season.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

One-liners from PFT.


Farrar evaluates Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan, Alabama RB Mark Ingram and Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn.

Fortenbaugh has a few questions heading into Combine, including who Carolina will focus on at #1.

Plus, he examines some Combine prop bets. Yes, they exist.

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