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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Over at the NFP, Dan Pompei continues his defense of the HOF selection process; he likes Mike Lombardi's suggestion that voters watch some game film together. He brings up a funny point (not sure he meant it to be so) - as Ted often states, the fact alone that football writers get to vote on awards and on HOF entrance devalues the legitimacy of the HOF and all player awards, especially Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections. Back to Pompei - he says that so many people spend time panning the Pro Bowl votes for who got snubbed, and then when it comes time for the HOF, guys like Richard Dent are called unworthy because they didn't make enough Pro Bowls. It's just an endless cycle. But what about this? Dent and his four Pro Bowl selections made the HOF, but Karl Mecklenburg and his six Pro Bowls plus three All-Pro selections, Randy Gradishar and his seven Pro Bowls and two All-Pros, and Steve Atwater and his eight Pro Bowls and two All-Pro choices are barely in the discussion.

AFC West

Josina spoke with Denver free agent Kevin Vickerson, who says he and his agent are engaged in preliminary talks on a new deal with the Broncos. Man, having to read Josina's writing on consecutive mornings is giving me a hankering for some Legwoldian prose.

As if right on cue, Legwold delivers with a column regarding the importance of medical reports at the Combi..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Williamson and Williamson claim the Broncos' switch to a 4-3 should be easy. Their brilliant reasoning is that Denver's defense sucked so bad in 2010 and they needed to make lots of changes anyway. Sure, makes total sense guys...

Bill follows up with more fine journalism - he posits that Denver may end up cutting Ryan Harris, who happens to be an unrestricted free agent. Wouldn't that be something?

The Chiefs won their tampering claim against the Lions. As a result the two teams are swapping 5th-round picks in the upcoming draft, while the Lions are forfeiting their 7th-rounder (KC is not awarded that pick).


Some owners and players met yesterday to talk CBA - thankfully, they've decided to eliminate the rhetoric.

Jason Cole sees a positive in the acceptance of mediation in the CBA negotiation, plus he notes that a few owners don't want to proceed with a lockout.

Roddy White reminds us that most NFL players are not making millions.


Safety Erik Coleman signed with Detroit following his release from Atlanta.

The Rams decided to cut safety O.J. Atogwe rather than pay him an $8 million roster bonus.

Houston released five players yesterday, including safety Eugene Wilson.

The Bears gave punter Richmond McGee a two-year deal, ostensibly to have him replace Brad Maynard.

Bowen ponders the value of the freshly cut Bob Sanders.

Kirwan says Peyton Manning's next contract will have a notable impact on the rest of the league.

Burke now has full play-by-play data available on the 2010 season, including the postseason.

One-liners from PFT.

KSK is drafting robots now.


Here's NFP's big board.

Greg Gabriel explains how to scout defensive linemen. Plus, last week he examined each team's draft needs.

Here's what Gabriel had posted prior - I will make him a regular part of the Lard going forward.

Farrar checks in on Terps WR Torrey Smith.

Like TJ, Warren Sapp is a big fan of Marcell Dareus.

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