Who do we want? Champ! Lard 2-17-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Ahh, the power of social media. Champ's announcement that he's put his house up for sale has already riled some fans up to action. As I write this, 77 people say they're gonna show up at the Big IF to convince Champ he should stay in Denver. Perhaps if they each bring along $500,000 cash (perhaps he'd take a certified check) they'll get a deal done. I don't mean to make light of either side here - for one, if people weren't so enthusiastic in their fanatacism toward the Broncos, TJ, Doc, Ted and I would have about twelve readers, including each other, our moms and a few friends. Secondly, it's hard to begrudge Champ the chance to break out of this new-defensive-coordinator-every-winter prison he's been stuck in for the past six years. Guy's a pro's pro, a HOFer, and seemingly an intelligent and upstanding guy. If he wants to go get a ring, his best chance will most definitely not be in Denver. For those who were wondering, Champ moved on from his Cherry Hills house when he apparently had the all-too-rare public-contention-free athlete divorce...

AFC West

Kiszla thinks Champ, Melo and Forsberg should all hit the road.

Champ's agent apparently didn't want to talk to Legwold after already having chatted with Josina and Vic Lombardi.

Legwold on Tim Tebow's displacement of draft-eligible QBs Cam Newton and Josh Portis from Florida.

Plus, Legwold writes something about how rookies can contribute to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Looks like Tebow's upcoming book will have some competition at some point. ZOMG!!

FA bust Jarvis Green will be chatting with folks at 2PM ET. At least it appears he's putting Mr. B's cash to use in a worthy endeavor (see: Foundation).

The Raiders gave Richard Seymour a reported $22.5 million guaranteed as part of a two-year deal. Cam Inman says he deserved it. Plus, Jerry McDonald explains the ripple effects of the deal for Seymour's teammates.

Kansas City used their franchise tag on LB Tamba Hali as expected.


The Bills have released DT Marcus Stroud.

Lombardi is reporting that the NJ Jets are going to let OctoDad walk, while Matt Bowen says teams should be interested.

Arizona made Mike Miller their new OC.

Chicago extended OL coach Mike Tice's contract after the Titans had sought to interview him.

Here's a rundown of who's been tagged and who may yet be.

In Part 10 of his series on the CBA talks, Andrew Brandt says the league doesn't want to open their books for fear that the NFLPA will publicize expenses and individual salaries that will embarrass the NFL. Plus, Brandt says the owners' actions show that they never believed the union planned on making a deal before March 4.

Graziano points out that in the case of a lockout, the NFLPA could negotiate directly with advertisers.

Tanier on fixing the Eagles' defense in the scoring area, Swann/Stallworth, and what really happened between Jerry Richardson and Peyton Manning.

Wow. I like Kornheiser on PTL, but this alone could earn him entrance to Ted's Hack Thirty.

MJD offers up the Westminster Dog Show as a panacea for your football withdrawal.

In case you were wondering, here's what some notable NFL figures did to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Bucky Brooks on the importance of the Combine for receivers. Plus, he lists his top WRs and TEs.

Lombardi says it would be self-defeating for players to boycott the Combine; he also stresses how teams should utilize the scouting circus.

Bunting thinks these juniors need to show well at Combine.

Plus, he considers the volatility of So. Miss WR DeAndre Brown's draft prospects.

Farrar profiles Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi.

Sticking with the Badgers, Scott Wright shares his thoughts on DE JJ Watt.

In his latest mock, Kiper has Fairley going to Carolina and Bowers coming to Denver.

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