Champ talks resume Lard 2-16-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Negotiations have resumed between Denver and all-universe cornerback Champ Bailey after having come to an abrupt halt midseason. According to Klis, the Broncos are unlikely to utilize their franchise tag on Bailey should their talks fail again. This is quite sensible, for as great as Champ is, he is unlikely to be worth a guaranteed $15 million to a team that won but four games in 2010 with no contingency for the 2012 season. If the deal being discussed is similar in structure to what was reported in-season, then we're looking at a 4-year, $40 million deal (or more, now that the Broncos have no leverage aside from the specter of a lockout). I'll throw on my speculation hat and say that a deal of that size and for a player of Champ's stature would likely require Denver to guarantee around $25 million or $30 million over the course of the contract. Let's hope it gets done, because even at age 33, Bailey shows no signs of slowing down and has already stated publicly that when he does, he will welcome a shift over to safety.

AFC West

In previewing their offseason, Pat Kirwan focuses on what the Broncos should do at #2 (take Fairley or Bowers), and after that address RB, MLB, TE and S.

Klis says that Demaryius Thomas' injury means a bit more in the way of job security for Jabar Gaffney. Can't argue with that.

If you care, Legwold goes over the recent history of the draft's second-overall picks. Shockingly, the pick isn't a guaranteed hit! You know, sort of like the first-overall pick, or any other one, for that matter.

Kansas City hired Jim Zorn to coach up their quarterbacks.

Recently cut DT Shaun Rogers visited with the Chiefs yesterday.

San Diego slapped their franchise tag on WR Vincent Jackson.

As usual, the Crypt Keeper is doing things ass backwards - there's no coordinator yet, but the defensive assistants are already talking about what schemes they'll be employing in 2011.


Indy tagged QB Peyton Manning, Baltimore tagged NT Haloti Ngata, and the NJ Jets tagged LB David Harris. Meanwhile, the Steelers are expected to use theirs on LB LaMarr Woodley.

Mike McCarthy is close to a new deal with the Packers.

Dick LeBeau will be back in Pittsburgh for at least another year.

Chris Palmer will be running the Titans' offense next season, with Jerry Gray in charge of the defense.

Like Matt Cassel in KC, Bucs QB Josh Freeman is planning to practice outside team facilities with his teammates.

A Minneapolis suburb is going to look into the idea of building the Vikings a new stadium.

Rae Carruth lost an appeal.

The NFL has finally put forth a bigger, better option to the fans who got screwed out of their SB seats.

Whitlock lays the smack down on PK and others, while stating that by calling the HOF voters a good-ol'-boys network he didn't mean that in a racial sense.

Kirwan also checks in on the Niners.

Ross Tucker explains why players love the offseason so much.

PK shares his ten thoughts and answers emails.

FO continues their offseason questions by focusing on the AFC South.


The Commish has posted an op-ed piece on the labor talks. Judy Battista points out the meat of it here.

The NLRB apparently is in no rush to check on the NFL's claim against the union.

A Tulane law professor examines the legal issues of the CBA talks for the HuffPo.

Sports lawyer David Cornwell says there won't be a lockout.

Bechta points out a couple of likely effects of a lockout that aren't being discussed.

A fan advocacy group wants in on the talks.


Da'Quan Bowers had knee surgery last month, reportedly to repair a partially torn meniscus.

Bucky Brooks discusses his top five RB prospects heading into Combine.

Bunting lists five seniors he thinks need to come up big at the Combine.

Plus, he checks in on Missouri DE Aldon Smith.

Farrar profiles Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward, UCLA LB Akeem Ayers and Miami CB Brandon Harris.

Bowen on the importance of the 40-yard dash.

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