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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Adding to yesterday's news that Tim Tebow is working with new UCLA OC Noel Mazzone on his mechanics, it's worthwhile to note the duo has teamed up before. Prior to Tebow's pro day in 2010, he worked with Mazzone, Marc Trestman, Zeke Bratkowski, and Sam Wyche. Here's some of what Mazzone had to say back then:

I think it's going to change some opinions...He looks totally different to me...This guy's an NFL quarterback in my eyes.

I'm not trying to change the guy's motion. I went back and looked at his high school film. He's got a great motion.

It's different when you're in the gun your whole life and not making five- and seven-step drops. Bad feet make bad throws. We worked a lot on loading up his back foot, having good posture and getting his feet and body more involved with his throw.

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Jeff Legwold revisits some of the ways Denver must improve.

The bright red lights atop SAFaMH are still disturbing some nearby residents, and Sports Authority plans to add more red lights to the stadium.

Tim Tebow will be reading Green Eggs & Ham today during a live webcast to help promote childhood reading.

Stuart Zaas shares a Q&A with Ryan McBean from last month; presumably the Eddie Royal piece linked yesterday was also from many weeks ago.


The Niners are another step closer to leaving San Francisco for a new home in Santa Clara for the 2014 season.

Kyle McCarthy did in fact sign with the Chiefs, who finished hiring their coaching staff for 2012 yesterday.

It appears Dennis Allen is also done constructing his first staff; Monte Poole says the release of Stanford Routt sends a strong message that the new Oakland regime means business, and he thinks several notable veterans could follow Routt out the door.

Jeff Fisher, Ken Whisenhunt, and Packers president Mark Murphy will be on the league's competition committee this year.

Five senators (all Democrats) encouraged the FCC to end the NFL's blackout rules.

The presence of the Bengals, Texans, and Falcons dragged down playoff TV ratings this year.

Cris Carter and Randy Moss are engaged in something of a catfight; Matt Bowen doesn't see much of a reason for teams to pursue Moss; Don Banks surveys Randy's possible destinations.

All of the criticism is getting to Peter King, who says he's now considering giving up his HOF vote.

Dan Wetzel says it's Jim Irsay who isn't looking so hot as the Colts owner and Peyton Manning play out their divorce in public.

Over at PFF, Sam Monson lists some useful free agents on the wrong side of 30, Nate Jahnke ranks the top QBs available, and Mike Carter assesses the crop of edge rushers.

Doug Farrar offers his take on the pair of Grantland stories which theorized on the future of football.


Mike Mayock has updated his rankings of the top five prospects per position; Bucky Brooks lists his top five RB prospects.

Wes Bunting lists the defensive players he thinks should have been invited to Combine but weren't; his latest mock has Denver taking Huskies DT Alameda Ta'amu at #25 even though Bunting says he's not much of a pass rusher.

Greg Gabriel isn't that impressed by QB Nick Foles, who played exclusively out of the gun for Arizona while only having to read half the field. Couldn't agree more.

Unsilent Majority tells us everything we need to know about Andrew Luck.


In addition to answering several of life's burning questions, Drew Magary wonders why any parent would let their young child play football; plus, he details the stages of internet grieving as experienced by someone learning of Whitney Houston's death and explains how the Grammys have overtaken the Oscars.

Linsanity continues, only days after Jeremy had pwned Kobe. Meanwhile, Whitlock is again trying to sort of apologize for his tweet from the other night, and this time he explains why Jeremy Lin's story doesn't actually compare to that of Tim Tebow, since Lin actually has been an underdog, not to mention that he's actually playing well relative to his new peers.

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