Stinky Lard 2-15-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Golic and Mark Schlereth spoke yesterday morning on ESPN Radio about the Broncos' offseason picture. Regarding the QBs, Stink correctly pointed to Kyle Orton's 3rd-down struggles as a major concern and says Tim Tebow is the choice. He also said Brandon Lloyd is the Broncos' best offensive player at this point and thinks Denver needs to re-sign Champ Bailey and dump some of their other older defenders. Regarding the draft, Stink suggests the Broncos should just pick the best defender at #2, regardless of position. Finally, it's pretty clear that Stink has been reading the DP - he cites Josh McDaniels' handling of personnel and the Broncos' lack of draft choices as reasons the team is better off without their former coach. I suppose the folks out west who listen to Stink deal with this regularly, but aren't analysts like him supposed to do better than just regurgitate the ridiculous memery?

AFC West

Demaryius Thomas underwent surgery yesterday morning to repair his torn Achilles' tendon. Here are Arnie and Legwold's versions of the story.

The Raiders have hired Rod Woodson to coach their DBs.

Chargers WR Legedu Naanee was arrested in Indy and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Matt Cassel may organize some informal team practices in public. Hopefully someone on the Broncos will be doing the same? Not only would it help the players stay sharp, but it's just good PR.

Newsy News

The Pats used their franchise tag on G Logan Mankins.

Philly is expected to do the same today with Michael Vick.

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb says he'd be interested in heading to Arizona.

Albert Haynesworth has been accused by a D.C. waitress of something more than a perchance boob brush.

Baltimore extended coach John Harbaugh's contract by three years.

The Bears turned down Tennessee's interview request for Mike Tice.

Ray Rhodes' is reuniting with Mike Holmgren in Cleveland.

Former NFL QB Art Schlictler was arrested yet again, this time for swindling some older folks out of their life savings.


Lombardi says now is the time to make the evaluations that key the success of an offseason. Plus, he thinks the HOF selectors need to start watching some game film rather than just recite stats. Sounds like a great idea, but would they know how to interpret what they're looking at? Lombardi also raises the interesting question of where Mario Williams will fit within Son of a Bum's 3-4 defense in Houston.

Pat Kirwan points out that an extended offseason (less training camp and preseason) would mean a big advantage for teams who already have their (stuff) together. In other words, not good for the Broncos...

Bowen considers the comeback possibilities of WR Plaxico Burress.

Plus, Bowen shows us how to beat the Cover 2 with a TE, using the example of the Bears' Greg Olsen.

FO's Sean McCormick takes a look at the offseason questions facing the AFC East teams.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

KSK interprets PK's MMQB.


The NFL has charged that the NFLPA is merely posturing in preparation for a decertification rather than negotiating sincerely.

Here's Farrar's analysis of the situation, plus Jason Cole's.

Considering his grumpy-old-man outbursts, Mike Silver thinks Jerry Richardson needs to exit the negotiations.

For now, the tact of having prospects skip the Combine is not being considered.

Old friend Domonique Foxworth spoke about the CBA talks with the guys on The Fan. Here's a partial transcript, plus the podcast.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, the franchise tag number for cornerbacks in 2011 is expected to be around $14 million, up from just $9.6 million last year.

Chris Chase on the Sunday programming possibilities in event of a lockout.

KSK intercepted a valentine from the Commish intended for De Smith.


Bucky Brooks on his top five QB prospects and what they need to show at Combine.

Farrar evaluates Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph and Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure.

Bunting compares QBs Cam Newton and Jake Locker.

Plus, he considers the draft stock of Utah State CB Curtis Marsh.

Newton apparently has received a huge endorsement from Under Armour.

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