Indentured Lard 2-14-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Andrew Brandt takes a peek at the NFLPA and NFL's CBA proposals - the union is pushing for shortening their indentured servitude and protection against career-ending injuries, while the league wants to keep the indenture in place but with a defined compensation slotting system for each and every draft choice. The NFL is also looking to rein in escalators, bonuses and not allow contract negotiations within the first three years of a player's initial contract. Brandt offers up his compromise.

As a public service announcement of sorts, just a friendly reminder that it's Valentine's Day - if it saves just one of our readers from catching a bit of grief, I figure it's worthwhile, haha.

AFC West

Someone over at SBN's Panthers blog thinks John Fox's tenure in Carolina was marked by underutilized talent. But judging by the reader response in the comments, it doesn't look like Panthers fans tend to agree...

Chris Jenkins profiles Chargers legend Paul Lowe.


The Titans apparently are interested in Mike Tice for their OC job.

Bowen looks back to the SB for some teaching points on press coverage.


I didn't have time to read these yet, but there's an interesting looking pair of entries on the looming lockout from the Mises Economic Blog. Here are Part I and Part II.

Chris Brown took note of one line from the latter and says the NFL's future is all about the TV experience.

Despite the canceled sessions, Mortensen says the two sides are continuing to talk, but are becoming more mistrustful and discordant.

Jason Cole confirms PFT's story about Jerry Richardson's condescension toward Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Hall of Fame

A few days late on this one, but Jason Whitlock reminds us all that the HOF voters don't know a whole lot about football.

In response, Len "Agent Mouthpiece Extraordinaire" Pasquarelli called Whitlock an idiot. Why? Because he couldn't refute any of Whitlock's assertions, naturally.

But today, Peter King in his MMQB makes the case for publicizing HOF votes and addresses some of Whitlock's points and takes umbrage at his suggestion that the voters are a little bit racist. Oh, and PK points out that when decrying the snubbing of Atwater, Gradishar, TD and Meck, we Broncos fans should be at least happy that we've gotten three of our guys in within the past four years. It's actually a fair point, I think. There are a lot of players who are not yet in the HOF but are deserving; it's not just Broncos. Perhaps it will just take some time...

Plus, Florio offers ten thoughts on how to improve the HOF process.

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