The Daily Lard 2-12-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! RIP, Whitney Houston.


Dennis Allen brought in ex-Giants DC Johnny Lynn to assist with the Oakland secondary and ex-Tulane line coach Mark Hutson to assist with TEs, and he is considering adding ex-Rams secondary coach Clayton Lopez.

The Rams hired Falcons personnel man Les Snead to be their new GM after Vikings exec George Paton pulled his name from consideration and received a promotion to assistant GM.

San Francisco prevented the Bucs from hiring away secondary coach Ed Donatell, who held that position twice in Denver (including the SB-winning years).

Pats TE Rob Gronkowski apparently suffered multiple torn ankle ligaments but faces only a 10-week recovery time; Titans WR Kenny Britt is expected back from his knee injury in time for the preseason.

If Tricky Dick Nixon had had his way 40 years ago, regular season NFL games would have continued to have been blacked out in home cities.


Dan Pompei says in his Sunday column that it's a very real possibility that Marques Colston isn't re-signed in New Orleans, and he hears the Niners WR Josh Morgan will be a hot commodity

Sam Monson digs into PFF's tackling data for cornerbacks and finds that Champ Bailey (!!) and Andre' Goodman didn't fare so well, although they at least have some good company; on the bright side, Chris Harris ranked toward the other end of the spectrum.

Woody Paige faps to considers the idea of Tim Tebow someday becoming president.

Matt Bowen says the Steelers' players must adjust to Handshake Haley as much as he'll acclimatize himself to them.

Windbag Jim Nantz somehow thinks we should be impressed that Bill Belichick sucked it up enough to play Pebble Beach. Must have been emotionally grueling, that.

Jeffri Chadiha reminds us that TO is a self-absorbed prick who now has what's been coming to him forever.

Wes Bunting lists a few of his favorite potential late-round sleepers.

Jason Whitlock sort of apologized for his hypocritical tweet about Jeremy Lin; the clincher isn't even comprised of his own words, but rather those of the Asian American Journalists Association. Obviously, Whitlock got plenty of his own medicine in return yesterday, and Larry Brown says Whitlock's apology comes off half-assed. As for why I keep posting Lin-related links here, for one, football news is pretty sparse these days, and the rest is pretty well explained by Dan Fogarty.

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