Going (without) Greek Lard 2-12-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, the specter of a lockout has some potential ramifications for the Broncos in light of the rehabilitations facing WRs Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas. Royal had surgery on an injured hip (presumably a torn labrum) while Thomas will have his Achilles' tendon repaired in the coming days. But where it gets tricky is that in the event of a lockout, team trainer (when he's not busy interviewing head coaching candidates) Steve Antonopulos cannot have direct contact with any of the Broncos' players, and the players cannot be at Dove Valley for rehab. Greek will be able to be in touch with the players' doctors, but the motivation will have to come from the players and their private trainers. Fortunately we're talking about two guys with fine reputations in terms of their work ethics, but we'll see how that turns out come training camp...

AFC West

Legwold on the likely move of Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers to defensive end. I don't know if this is the homer in me, but I'm puzzled by Legwold calling Ayers a "run-down player" who would come out on passing plays. While Ayers didn't put up the sack numbers in 2010, he did bring more pressure than most would have expected, and that was without Dumervil around. Won't the two of them being on the field at the same time change Ayers' effectiveness in rushing the passer?

Krieger says there will definitely be a lockout.

Williamson on the 2009 Draft; he says it's still too early to tell how the Broncos fared. Then again, if it was a smashing success we'd have more returns from it today...

Legwold compares Cam Newton to Tim Tebow. I'll take Em/TJ/Ted's opinions, thanks...

Billy Thompson and Ed McCaffrey both appeared at the CO State Capitol in support of the Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act.

Old friend Domonique Foxworth spoke to the guys on The Drive yesterday about the CBA talks.

Teicher examines the Chiefs' free agent picture.


The Pats have promoted QB coach Bill O'Brien to OC and will reportedly use their franchise tag on G Logan Mankins.

Green Bay gave GM Ted Thompson a contract extension.

Shaun Rogers visited with Shanny and the Skins yesterday.

Pat Kirwan on what the copycats can take from the Packers' victory over the Steelers. You know, all they have to do is get an all-world QB. Simple, right?

Among his AFC offseason notes, Don Banks explains why the Broncos' brass isn't publicly calling Tim Tebow their starting QB.

Brandt's financial notes.

FO's best of the week in quotes.

UConn backup QB Johnny McEntee showed off some pretty cool throws on YouTube.

According to KSK, the Greatriots' greatest fan got himself involved in the drama in Egypt.


Mike Mayock tempered some of the excitement surrounding Cam Newton.

Wes Bunting also isn't so sure about Newton.

Meanwhile, Farrar says he didn't learn much from Newton's workout and thinks his pro day and the Combine will provide better answers.

Here's who Bunting thinks have entered the draft a year too early.

Farrar evaluates Oregon State DT Stephen Paea and FSU QB Christian Ponder.

KSK provides the first (and probably only) meaningful mock draft you'll ever find.

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