Achilles’ Lard 2-11-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, yesterday brought news of another serious injury to Denver's WR corps. Only a week on the heels (cough) of Eddie Royal's hip surgery,  Demaryius Thomas apparently tore his Achilles' tendon - according to the Broncos he's not expected to be ready for action for 6-8 months. Now, with the understanding that every injury is unique in terms of its severity, and all athletes have their own recovery rates, as a Marquette hoops fan (my wife's alma mater) I can share one positive Achilles'-related story. Golden Eagles point guard Junior Cadougan ruptured his Achilles' as a freshman in September '09 and was expected to miss the entire season. But through hard work in rehab, Cadougan remarkably returned to action only four months later. Fortunately for Thomas and the Broncos, it's only February - so Demaryius doesn't need to make quite as fast a recovery to help the Broncos in 2011.


Mason on Thomas' injury. Legwold on the same. Finally, Arnie's version.

ESPN's medical analyst told Williamson that from afar, Thomas should be able to make a full recovery.

Legwold speculates upon which Panthers and Saints could be free-agent targets for Denver.

David Ramsey reminds us that the Elway & Tebow Show have to provide more than good PR to turn the Broncos around.

The 23-year-old Tebow is done co-writing his autobiography, which goes on sale in April.

After having been snubbed by Kyle Orton (according to Woody), Tebow went to Vegas with his real friends co-endorsers.

Among his offseason considerations, Mike Lombardi doesn't see Tim Tebow starting under John Fox in 2011.


The Crypt Keeper was a major proponent of the last CBA deal which owners couldn't opt out of quickly enough, so he's staying out of it this time.

The Chiefs have voted Jamaal Charles their MVP and Eric Berry their best rookie.

Teicher says it's crucial that KC re-signs Tamba Hali.


In addition to yesterday's talks, CBA negotiations have been canceled for next week as well. Why? Well, there's a chasm between the two sides...

Apparently, the NFLPA is not happy with the current structure the owners have proposed for a rookie wage scale.

Tom Brady's agent Don Yee has an interesting set of ideas to compensate for a move to an 18-game schedule.

Don Banks examines the biggest questions facing NFC teams this offseason.

Chris Brown offers some solutions to the problems pass-first teams experience in scoring from inside the 20.

Neil Paine shares some QB projections for next year.

DeLoureiro on the drought of HOF quarterback selections.


Nick Fairley sits atop Bucky Brooks' prospects list.

Plus, Brooks was mightily impressed by Cam Newton. But Matt Bowen puts Newton's workout in perspective.

Wes Bunting has the Broncos taking CB Patrick Peterson second overall in his first mock draft.

McShay has Carolina taking Da'Quan Bowers, allowing Denver to nab Nick Fairley.

Farrar evaluates Arkansas QB Troy Mallett, Miami WR Leonard Hankerson, and Baylor OL Danny Watkins.

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