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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Burke has kicked off the offseason by presenting a bunch of fascinating ideas on how the NFL game could be tweaked, including lessening the impact of field goals, eliminating the extra point, altering the replay challenge rules, and weight limits. My favorite among the realistic options is awarding the ball in OT to the home team first, because it would change the strategy at the end of regulation and therefore likely result in fewer overtime games, which would be a good thing. Anything that promotes aggressive strategery is a good thing in my book. What do you think? Which are your favorite ideas?


The organization has informed their employees of what will happen in the case of a lockout. Funniest part? If you're on the DP's Broncos email list, this showed up in your inbox as "Breaking News."

Eric Detweiler profiles and interviews P Britton Colquitt.

Ralph Routon thinks Shannon Sharpe certainly deserved his selection to the HOF, but he thinks Randy Gradishar should be there first.

Williamson gets a few questions in with Shannon, who somehow still gets mistaken for Sterling. This I do not understand. Honestly, if I had no idea who the two guys were, I would never guess they were even related. Is this a white people not being able to tell the difference between two black guys kind of thing?

Elway apparently missed the business of selling cars, so he's back in.

Chris Ballard offers up a lengthy profile of Jake the Snake for the upcoming issue of SI.

The Colorado state legislature is introducing a bill today to promote the safety of youth athletes, specifically relative to head injuries. Ed McCaffrey will be in attendance.


I'm not the only dope parsing Elway's words - Legwold is now writing about the circumstances that would help the Broncos move down from the #2 pick, and he's making it sound like that's the team's plan. Damn, does this mean I've stooped to Legwold's level?

Now this is breaking news - Legwold says the move to an 18-game regular season is all about the cash money. Stop the presses!!!!!!


The Chargers are expected to slap their franchise tag on Vincent Jackson.

Sounds like the Raiders are going to use theirs on Richard Seymour.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs could use their tag to hang onto Tamba Hali, while Williamson speculates about where the newly-released Shaun Rogers could fit with the Broncos or Chiefs.

Teicher on the Chiefs' puzzling move to make an OL coach their new OC. Well, puzzling until one realizes that nobody else wants to work for Handshake Haley.


The NFL and the players union met yesterday but canceled their talks that had been scheduled for today.

HOFer Bruce Matthews is the Titans' new OL coach.

The NJ Jets have signed a kicker from the UFL.

Carson Palmer's next move in his chess match with Mike Brown? Putting his house up for sale.

Falcons GM Tom Dimitroff was named the Sporting News' NFL Exec of the year for the second time in three years. Gotta tell you - that "Patriot Way" sure sucks. Executive, Coach and Player of the year were all from New England...

Phil Simms is sorry.

Sunday's displaced fans have sued the NFL, the Cowboys and Jerry Jones.

Part 8 of Brandt's look at the labor negotiations.

Pompei considers the problem created by having non-players compete with players for the same HOF spots.

Pat Kirwan looks back at which teams blew it by not drafting Aaron Rodgers.

DeLoureiro makes the case for Big Ben in the HOF. Yes, already.

PFW's notes from around the league.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading.

Scott Kacsmar on the greatest drives in NFL history, including The Drive.

KSK captionizes the Supe, including a fair assessment of fan reactions to the halftime show.


Wes Bunting thinks a few guys got royally screwed by not getting Combine invites.

Plus, he says Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure deserves more attention.

Farrar evaluates Baylor DT Phil Taylor.

Also, Farrar on a couple of linemen who impressed at the Senior Bowl.

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