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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Super Bowl is only four days away, but the biggest news in Indy continues to circle around Peyton Manning, who says his recovery is on schedule and that he has no plans to retire. In an interview with the Worldwide Leader, Manning said,

I really feel good. I continue to make progress every day. Everything that the doctors have told me has been on point, which is encouraging to me. I just had a great day today with rehab, just got back from the facility, and that's what we continue to do. Just keep trying to get better. So far I have. That's the plan from here on out.

Meanwhile, he told Dan Wetzel.

I have no plans on [retiring]. All the other talk, it is what it is. My plan hasn’t changed. I’m on track with what the doctors told me to do. I’m doing that. I’m rehabbing hard. And I’m enjoying this week.

Barry Petchesky thinks Peter King and Jason Cole went a bit far in their coverage of Manning's rehab this week; in their younger days, Peyton used to dole out some knowledge along with the beatings he gave Eli.



Jeff Legwold responds to the silly notion that it matters whether the hits Tim Tebow is taking are outside or inside the pocket. A hit is a hit, he takes a boatload of them, and their effects on the body are cumulative.

Von Miller was part of the media contingent at Media Day.

FWIW, new Jags owner Stache Khan says he would have drafted Tebow.

Of course, Tebow is considered one of the most marketable players in the league.

Sam DeWitt provides some suggestions for the Broncos' coming uniform change.

Kenny Legan reviews the second quarter of Denver's 2011 season, plus the top defensive highlights of the year via BTV.

SI dug up a photo of the Three Amigos from Media Day 1988.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the John Elway Show.

Daily Supe

Bill O'Brien has been shuttling between his Pats and PSU gigs, while Josh McDaniels has been prepping for the game in the background.

New York and Boston's mayors have made their SB bet, and a family from one of those cities will win a trip as a result.

Ben Stockwell breaks down the matchup between the Pats offense and the Giants defense, while Khaled Elsayed examines the pressure numbers for QBs in 2011.

Ben Muth studies the offensive line play of both teams.

Jonathan Comey dispels some of the false notions being bandied about regarding the matchup.

Mike Lombardi on the influence of Bill Parcells on both Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin.

Bucky Brooks lists some key individual matchups for Sunday and his potential X-factor players.

Mooch is still kicking himself for not having drafted Tom Brady for the Niners.

Matt Bowen explains how the Giants disguise their Spot routes and considers how Rob Gronkowski's injury may affect the Pats' game plan.

Mike TanierDon Banks and Les Carpenter recap Media Day, which was open to fans for the first time.

Stefan Fatsis thinks Ray Lewis shouldn't have agreed to be in the NFL's commercial on player safety, considering how disgenuine the league has been about the matter.

Jerry Seinfeld is pitching for Acura, while Matthew Broderick reprised Ferris for Honda (second page).

Moronic self-important windbag Mike Francesa is lying about his prediction for SB 42.


Four concussion-related lawsuits brought by former NFL players have been consolidated and will be heard in Pennsylvania.

Texans QB coach Greg Knapp has accepted Dennis Allen's offer to be the next Raiders OC, while Allen interviewed former Chargers DC Greg Manusky to coordinate his defense; Peter King says the way Oakland is conducting business now is a vast departure from the ways of the late Al Davis.

Clyde Christensen has accepted a demotion from OC to QB coach with Indy; Pittsburgh interviewed Handshake Haley yesterday for their OC gig, while the Rams continue to meet with GM candidates.

The Browns have apparently changed their tune and are now reportedly interested in re-signing Peyton Hillis, now that he won't command nearly as much cash; the Bears say they'll consider using their franchise tag on Matt Forte if they're unable to agree to a longterm deal.

Aaron Rodgers thinks the NFC squad should have tried harder in the Pro Bowl.

Shutdown Corner's Kristian Dyer is experiencing pre-draft training firsthand and chronicling it while wearing a Tecmo Tebow t-shirt.

KSK captionizes SB week, plus Drew Magary's latest Funbag.

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