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Right off the bat, Klis answers a question from his mailbag that we've been asking here - why is the DP (specifically Legwold) harping upon the fact that Denver has six picks in the draft? Thankfully, Klis acknowledges that the Broncos are in good shape for the draft, basically refuting his buddy Legwold in the process. Plus, he thinks Adam Gase could strengthen his own case for a coordinator position with an effective year working with Tim Tebow. Finally, he even closes with a great question that points out that passing is the way to win in today's NFL. Must be our readers...haha.

Woody says the Eagles had offered John Fox a job (presumably to coordinate their defense) before he took the Denver job. Fox tells Woody about the influence Sid Gillman had on him, and Paige lets it slip at the end that (maybe, and Woody, that is) he understands the importance of passing.

Legwold says that Dennis Allen chose the Broncos over Philly for a few reasons - working for Fox, lower expectations and thus time to grow into his job, and perhaps just the desire to live in Denver.

Klis points out that using a franchise tag on Champ Bailey would cost $15 million this year. Meanwhile, Champ says he's not interested yet in playing safety for anyone, and Brandon Lloyd says the players don't yet have a plan to practice on their own in case there's a lockout. It's February 1 - I'd love to know which hack asked that question...

Legwold on why Shay Shay and the rest of the Broncos followed Shanny's curfew in Miami for their last Supe.

Eric Detweiler reviews the season's last four games.

Broncos scout Cornell Green was named the AFC Scout of the Year by the Fritz Pollard Alliance.

Marky Mark has sold a pilot of a TV show based on the life of Stink.


Former Denver assistant Bob Wylie has in fact taken the OL coaching job in Oakland.

Acee on why the Chargers aren't Supe-ing it up.

If the Chargers head to LA, they will be playing in a stadium sponsored by the company with the dumbest jingle in the history of jingles.


De Smith and the Commish have set up a schedule for more CBA negotiations.

Mike Munchak interviewed for a promotion to HC in Tennessee.

The Eagles interviewed Bears assistant Jon Hoke for their DC position. Meanwhile, Matt Bowen thinks Philly should lock up Michael Vick.

Cincy canned OC Bob Bratkowski, which could indicate more power for Marvin Lewis.

Sal Alosi has resigned from the Green & White of NJ. Surely he came to that decision on his own, right?

Vikings DE Everson Griffen was tasered while reportedly resisting arrest during a traffic stop in LA; he's accused of assaulting an officer, to boot.

Brian Burke on how defensive players who gamble on the field affect their teams.

KSK interprets PK's MMQB.

Wes Bunting on the players to focus upon in this week's NFLPA Bowl.

Daily Supe

Troy Polamalu was named the AP Defensive POY. Matt Bowen says he deserved it.

Apparently, PK screwed up royally by assuming the Commish was referring to Steelers players when he said nobody stood up for Big Ben.

Mike Lombardi on what Mike Tomlin and Mike McCarthy represent for their organizations.

Ross Tucker says the SB teams overcame injuries thanks to great assistant coaching.

The NFLPA says that CBS rejected a commercial they submitted for the SB because it addresses the CBA negotiations.

Luis DeLoureiro shares some interesting tidbits on the SB.

Jon Comey says the Packers would be the greatest six-loss team ever if they can win on Sunday.

WOW. Not only have the Tecmo guys simulated SB 45 for us, they have created a downloadable version of Tecmo Bowl that includes 2010 players. In other words, perhaps you can make the Broncos win more games than they really did in about an hour?

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