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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Ben Stockwell went over each of Tim Tebow's pass attempts Sunday for PFF, and he calls it "Step 1 in Tebow’s maturation as a passer" but cautions not to overstate the quality of his performance. By "Step 1" he means that Minnesota sold out to stop Tebow's run threat and gave him just two or three different looks to decipher in the passing game, and of course that didn't work out so well.

Stockwell also writes that Tebow & Co. have become a tough group to game plan for in just a week's time, and he suggests that, provided Tebow is the QB next year, opponents having had a full offseason to cook up a defensive strategy for Tim could make for a different story. Either way, it's obviously great to see Denver described as a matchup problem offensively - something they haven't been in a very long time.


Notes from Andrew Mason and Jeff Legwold: Willis McGahee missed practice but expects to play Sunday, while the status of Ryan Clady is unknown.

Plus, Mason and Legwold on Von Miller, who's been getting a new cast each day this week to prevent an infection to his surgically-repaired thumb.

Mike Klis points out that Denver has only led for 93:13 of game time since Tebow took over at QB, and that Tim has attempted just 10 passes with the lead. Anyone who thinks trailing all game long but winning is a sustainable thing, I've got a bridge for you...

Legwold considers the slew of opponent injuries benefitting Denver and says opposing pass rushers don't tend to switch sides just because Tebow is left-handed.

Andy Benoit explores the Broncos/Bears matchup along with Packers/Raiders and Ravens/Colts; he reinforces that Bears RT Lance Louis is in for another rough time on Sunday.

Mark Kiszla lists his top defenders in Broncos history, led by Champ Bailey.

Notes and photos from practice, plus more from Gray Caldwell.

Video of John FoxTim Tebow and several others speaking after practice yesterday; Fox spoke with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan on Sirius/XM about Tebow; Kurt Warner breaks down Tebow's progress for NFLN; the No Huddle crew discuss whether Tebow has improved; Jason Taylor and Jared Allen talk about losing to Tebow & Co.; an NFL Films-style recap of the win at Minnesota ("style" because the narrator is no John Facenda or Harry Kalas).

MJD reacts to Karlos Dansby's Tebow/God comments, while Ryan Wilson is even making the case now for Tebow as MVP.

Ken Crippen examines Tebow's rushing stats for CHFF, and he picks up right where Kerry Byrne left off in terms of "redefining" mathematics. First, it was Byrne completely mangling the application of a correlation, and now it's Crippen who tries to say that something happening twice out of six times qualifies as an anomaly. It reads like another self-serving vehicle for one of their proprietary metrics.

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragus (UGH) will be calling the game for FOX.


Notes on the Bears: Lovie Smith and his staff have been studying college tape to prepare for Tebow & Co.; S Major Wright could be replaced by Craig Steltz due to a shoulder injury.

Mike Martz says he plans to be with the Bears next year and is annoyed by rumors to the contrary. Meanwhile, his offense currently sucks, although he says it'll be more aggressive this week.

More on the struggles of Lance Louis.

Brett Favre says nobody wants him he doesn't want to unretire again, while fellow Bus Cook client Jay Cutler thinks Favre would've come back for big bucks. GM Jerry Angelo says it's just too late in the game for Chicago to bring in another QB and try to incorporate him into the offense.

Cutler got the stitches removed from his thumb, but it's not clear whether he'll be back this year.

Dan Pompei responds to Bears fans' questions.

David Haugh doesn't think Tebow will have sustained success, but he's sure rooting for the guy!


San Diego finally placed DE Luis Castillo on IR, and he may be done as a Charger. Bengals DT Pat Sims was also placed on IR.

The sister of Raiders CB Chris Johnson was shot to death by the father of her child. The man also shot the Johnsons' mother.

Rams/Seahawks on MNF is such a horrid matchup that nobody even wants any action on it.

Perhaps Nick Saban-as-NFL-head-coach didn't work out because he didn't show concern over a convulsing player.

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier breaks down a pair of bewildering play calls by old friend Bill Musgrave against the Broncos on Sunday. And, inspired by Raheem Morris, lots of F-bombs.

Tom Gower and Mike Kurtz don't think Terrell Davis is a HOFer, but at least Gower points out just how ridiculous TD's '97 and '98 seasons were when considering his playoff performances.

Andy Benoit goes in depth to preview Cowboys/Giants and Titans/Saints.

Jason Cole, not impressed by Archie Manning's latest stunt; Mike Freeman says Bill Polian is pretty much alone on the list of folks who think Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck would coexist well.


Nate Jahnke's 32 observations for PFF, plus O-line rankings (Denver is 30th, and worst in run blocking).

As Erik Frenz details, the Packers and Patriots are both on pace for record-setting seasons of passing greatness and pass defensive suckitude.

Andrew Brandt on the Packers' stock sale and the latest Brett Favre talk.

Denver ranks 8th in Mike Silver's weekly rankings and 10th in Jonathan Comey's, and they still suck on third and fourth downs.

Bill Barnwell looks back at his preseason bets, including taking the over on Denver for the (since-proven) wrong reasons.

Playoff jokes via KSK, including Tim Tebow's potential "virgin berth".

Chris Brown on the combination of quick passes and shovel passes/screens as used by Oregon in a spring game last year.

Greg Gabriel thinks Andrew Luck is clearly the best college player and should win the Heisman, while Wes Bunting opens Mock Season with his first top ten. Bucky Brooks lists his top linebackers and running backs, while Jack Bechta explains what's wrong with the player/agent interview process.

Outspoken Tebow critic Colin Cowherd got a new four-year deal from the Worldwide Leader.

Accidental Chinese Hipsters doesn't post a lot, but when they do...

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