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Good Morning, Broncos fans. Two fine writers shared their thoughts on the McDaniels firing:

Not sure if Mike Lombardi is interested in getting back into the player evaluation business, but he wrote another column yesterday that just shows he "gets it" more than anyone else in the national media (is that a backhanded compliment?). I could point to about eight different paragraphs, but this one stands out...

In any sport, losing is extremely difficult -- it's hard on the mind, body and spirit. It challenges every prior belief an organization holds true, forcing constant evaluations of the path, the direction and the journey chosen for the organization. It is human nature to second-guess every move on a losing path. Few, in most sports, are willing to brave the losing, the criticism of the media, or the wrath of their fans. Believing in principles and having the courage to stand alone is a rarer quality than bravery in battle or superior intelligence. Yet it is the one essential for teams that desire to win Super Bowls.

Ted Bartlett examines the role of the Denver Post in Josh McDaniels' firing and says the future doesn't look so bright for us anymore...

The Denver Broncos entered into a full-scale reconstruction of the franchise in January, 2009.  Literally everything changed, much of it for the better.  The Broncos built a systematic approach to scouting, for the first time in memory.  They rid themselves of me-first players, and actively sought out team-first guys.  They ignored conventional wisdom, which over a long enough timeline, is always a good thing to do.  But they didn’t communicate that they were rebuilding, or ask for patience, or probably even admit to themselves what the situation really was...There are no shortcuts to setting yourself up to be good even on a mediocre day.  It’s a long process, and it never stops.  The Patriots continue to set the standard in that way.

Okay, enough with all that reason and clear thinking. Let's get to the silliness...


Joe Ellis spoke to the press yesterday and said, "We don't have a plan for moving forward." Really.

Eric Studesville addressed the media for the first time as Denver's interim head coach.

Chris Hall of Broncos TV asked a few questions of Studesville.

Andrew Mason shares an extensive and in-depth list of potential head-coaching candidates for Denver.

Klis comes up with a list of possible GM and coaching prospects.

Troy Calhoun says he's not interested in the Broncos' job. We'll see if that's still the case after the season ends...

Mason on the elevation of Studesville to interim coach. Plus, on the team's future structure. Finally, he writes the firing was all about honor.

Klis on Ellis' claim that the next head coach will have less power in regards to personnel. Haven't heard that before, have we???

Ellis avoided questions of whether the Broncos are going to try to withhold part of what they owe McDaniels.

Kiszla wonders if John Elway would shove Joe Ellis aside should he join the organization. Hopefully so...

LJ recaps Studesville's presser. So does Legwold.

Champ tells LJ he's tired of change.

Legwold says we shouldn't expect to see Tim Tebow starting anytime soon.

Clearly, Legwold doesn't see how well Josh McDaniels moved down and up the draft board last year, because he tries to make the point that the former coach left the team's 2011 cupboard of picks bare. They have "just six picks" - which happens to be just one less than a full complement, and they have three choices in the first two rounds. But let's not let facts get in the way of a good narrative...


Denver filled the two roster spots vacated by the injured Joe Mays and Dan Gronkowski by promoting LB Lee Robinson from the practice squad and again signing TE Daniel Coats. Coats had been signed for all of a day before Denver promoted RB Lance Ball to prevent the Colts from signing him.

Matt Bowen thinks the next coach will need to see what he's got in Tim Tebow, and soon. Plus, Bowen thinks the Broncos should go with a defensive coach like Ron Rivera or Gregg Williams for the head job.

Andrew Brandt shares his view on McDaniels' firing.

Kent Somers says the Cards' questions at QB have been at the root of their troubles this year.

John Skelton will apparently be Arizona's starting QB on Sunday - he answers a bunch of questions from Bob McManaman.


Babb on Matt Cassel's progress.

Chris Jenkins looks at the Dolts' matchup with the Chefs.

Jenkins on the Dolts' having lost to both Jokeland and the Chefs this season.

Apparently, TJ Simers thinks the Dolts are heading to La La Land.


Here are the national TV maps for Sunday's games.

Shanny's got a big problem on his hands with Albert Haynesworth, whom he suspended for the balance of the season.

Pat Kirwan examines the problems facing Peyton Manning of late.

Chase Stuart looks around at the league's stellar young left tackles.

Ross Tucker on the longer season that rookies face.

PK can imagine McDaniels someday taking over for Bill Belichick when the latter retires.

Brian Burke finds that throwing deep is advantageous no matter the down.

DYAR and DVOA from the FO guys.

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