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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In our CTF from Sunday’s game, Ted pointed out that Eric Decker was sporting some epic sideburns. Well, it turns out that Decker wasn’t alone in Mutton Chop Land. Apparently several Broncos did a no-shave November in support of men’s cancer awareness, and Britton Colquitt (A la Souvarov), Decker (The Winnfield), Adam Weber (Franz Josef) and Matt Prater (Friendly Mutton Chops) each reprised a classic moustache/beard style.

If this team does end up making a playoff run, it would be pretty neat for the whole squad to be sporting some epic facial hair, coaches included. John Fox could go with the C. Everett Koop, and someone would have to do a Dali. We’ve already seen Champ Bailey rocking the Old Dutch; how great would it be to see a French Fork or Sparrow from him?


In his weekly mailbag, Klis is sticking with his suggestion that Robert Griffin III would make sense as Tebow’s backup, because Tim’s physical play requires the team to have a more-than capable backup.

Jeff Legwold says that no matter how the rest of this season goes, Denver has to draft a QB in April - either to back up Tebow or provide him some competition for the job in 2012.

Legwold examines the team's tendency to run on first down, plus a reminder that the team still has to beat some good teams at some point.

Notes from the DP: it’s still expected that the Dec 18 Broncos/Pats game will be flexed to SNF; Tebow reached a playing-time threshold that will earn him a $472,500 bonus.

Dave Krieger was convinced Sunday that Tebow can win as a passer, and he wants to see more of it.

Lindsay Jones takes an early look ahead to the playoffs.

Bill Barnwell interestingly suggests the Vikings should have gone for two on one of their late touchdowns, giving them a chance for a 9-point lead.

Monday pressers from John Fox, Mario Haggan and Britton Colquitt, plus NFLN clips of Demaryius Thomas talking Tebow, Brian Billick and Jim Mora talking Tebow, and some more guys talking Tebow.

Here's a great screen grab of Matthew Willis McGahee.


Ben Stockwell reviews Bears/Chiefs, a game which swung on two wild bounces - both going against Chicago. Apparently Caleb Hanie and his offensive line were both terrible (good luck with Von and Doom), and the Broncos have another tough D-line to handle this week.

Notes on the Bears from Lindsay Jones.

If Brett Favre were to come back, they'd have to change the name of SportsCenter to the Tim & Brett Variety Hour. Thanks, but no.


A group of ex-players including receivers Joe Horn and Jerome Pathon is suing the NFL for teams' widespread use of a blood-thinning painkiller to mask serious injuries, in some cases (ie. concussions) worsening them.

San Diego ended their six-game losing streak with a 38-14 thumping of the Jaguars as Philip Rivers tossed three TD passes. Perhaps we should be rooting for Norv & Co to win out and save his job, because the Chargers are apparently among the teams interested in Jeff Fisher.

And if you thought that was an awful matchup, wait for next week's doozy - Rams at Seahawks! Holy smokes, how will the Worldwide Leader go about promoting that garbage? To make matters worse, both Sam Bradford and A.J. Feeley are banged up, meaning that old friend Tom Brandstater could end up making his first NFL start.

The Giants pretty much got screwed out of a touchdown by both the refs and replay officials in their shootout with the Packers in which an extra four points might have helped.

Ndamukong Suh was apparently lying about his car crash the other day. Go figure. Meanwhile, Matt Bowen sees a Lions team with serious on-field discipline issues.

Jonathan Comey recaps Sunday and says Denver's defensive flop reinforced just how valuable Von Miller is.

Brian Burke has updated his Team Stat Visualization page in a number of very cool ways, but the data still doesn't make the Broncos look like a very good team. In case you're wondering why this stuff matters, teams that win but don't put up good stats? They eventually stop winning.

As Barry Petchesky points out for the Deadspin roundtable, Arizona became only the second team to win their OT game on their first drive after winning the coin toss.


Clark Judge examines the playoff contenders and predicts the Raiders will nab the second wild card spot.

Andrew Brandt on the plummeting nature of Donovan McNabb's star.

Why the Bucs ever got rid of these jerseys is beyond me.

Chris Brown thinks RG3 is deserving of this year's Heisman, Wes Bunting lists his top five QB prospects, and Rob Rang reviews the week's in college action.

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