Xanders PR Week Lard 12-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Apparently it's Brian Xanders PR Media Tour Week, or didn't you hear? First, Xanders goes on radio with Vic and Gary Monday and says he got his PhD in football from Dan Reeves, that he spends 90% of his time scouting, that he's more than a cap guy, and finally he issues a "no comment" on the Peyton Hillis trade. Next up, an article on MileHighSports.com that repeats those first few points verbatim and then completely disavows Xanders from the Hillis trade by stating that Josh McDaniels went rogue on that one. It's a very fluffy article, one that reads to me like a PR piece - spoon fed perhaps by the guy with 'marketing and media relations' in his job description - Joe Ellis.

It sure makes Xanders out to be a swell guy - he's hard-working, started at the very bottom, and has Charley Casserly (who has been media guy for over 4 years now and works for NFLN) and an anonymously-quoted agent vouching for him. The article not only disconnects Xanders from several of the most controversial moves the Broncos have made over the past two years, but it goes so far as to say that Xanders was either vehemently opposed, was left out of the process entirely, or had much better ideas that lost out (like drafting Clay Matthews Jr.). Heck, it even paints him as partly responsible for the Falcons' best decisions (hiring Tom Dimitroff and Mike Smith, signing Michael Turner and drafting Matt Ryan).

I'm not suggesting that everything above is false or even a twisted version of the truth. Perhaps some of it is accurate, or even a majority of it. But either way, it's quite the puff piece and conveniently paints Xanders as a brilliant football guy who can do no wrong. Heck, Goodman didn't even throw in a negative bone to validate the rest of the concoction, like "although Xanders was the primary scout on Alphonso Smith" or "while Xanders made a strong push for Jamal Williams" just as hypothetical examples. Apparently Brian Xanders is infallible, so it's smooth sailing from here on out!


Tim Tebow was wired for sound during Sunday's game, and the result is a tremendous clip. For those of us who didn't follow his college career, it's an eye-opening look at the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the team. What stands out is Tebow's assertiveness with Eric Studesville, especially during the game-winning drive.

Eric Studesville, Tim Tebow and Brandon Lloyd all met with the press yesterday.

Robert Ayers, Daniel Graham and Mario Haggan spoke to reporters. (Audio)

Woody looks over the Broncos' 2011 opponents and sees a home game against Jay Cutler's Bears. They'll also host the Lions, Pats and Jets, along with roadies at Green Bay, Minnesota, Miami and Buffalo. Other matchups will depend upon how everyone finishes out...

Mason's notes on the Broncos' injury situations, plus the addition of Louis Leonard. Legwold with more of the same.

Notes from Klis - Champ Bailey is the AFC's first alternate at CB for the Pro Bowl.

LJ on the extra lengths his teammates are going to protect Tebow, who apparently is a prime target for opponents' trash-talking and a-little-something-extra hits.

Mason points to the uncertainty many players will face regarding their future following Sunday's game.

Legwold on Champ's Pro Bowl snub.

Mike Lombardi thinks someone should hire McDaniels - not as a coordinator, but as a head coach.

Old friend Ted Sundquist is interviewing for the Niner's GM job.


Legwold says that John Elway's friends think he'll do well as a front-office guy. Oh, okay then. Sign him up.


Norv Turner and WR Malcom Floyd spoke to the Denver press via conference call.

RB Ryan Mathews thinks Sunday is a big game for him.

Acee and Jenkins' notes on the Dolts.

Teicher on Dwayne Bowe's selection to the Pro Bowl.

Babb's notes on the Chefs.

Corkran says the Crypt Keeper should make his decision on Jokeland's 2011 coach sooner than later.


Updated playoff possibilities.

If Kubes keeps his gig in Houston, Wade Phillips may become his DC.

Jenn Sterger's lawyer is pissed about the slap on the wrist the NFL gave its moneymaker Brett Favruh.

Brian Burke's game probabilities don't give the Broncos much of a chance.

Denver ranks 28th in Burke's efficiency ratings.

Burke looks at the best WPA guys on offense this season.

DVOA and DYAR from the FO guys.

Aaron Schatz on how many INTs each NFL QB could really have had.

The Broncos rose all the way to #30 in Mike Silver's weekly rankings.

All of the trite sports cliches you'll ever need, and then some.

Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should have been executed. Yes, he really said that, and then he went on.

KSK captionizes Week 16.

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