BLloyd Pro Bowler; Champ snubbed Lard 12-29-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brandon Lloyd got a much-deserved nod yesterday from his peers with his first Pro Bowl selection. His conference call (linked below) with reporters was a gem, and he continues to show himself to be a humble and well-spoken guy.

Unfortunately, Champ Bailey did not make the Pro Bowl, which would have been his 10th selection. I should correct myself for suggesting last night that he was not snubbed in getting beaten out by Devin McCourty for the roster. It was one of those things I thought was a bit iffy when I typed it, and after more thought it was pretty dumb. McCourty getting chosen over Champ is clearly about stats, more specifically the stats that the fans see (interceptions) and what shows up on the weekly highlights. This is the same manner in which our old friends Deltha O'Neal and Tory James made it to the Pro Bowl, and frankly it sucks. I'm not equating McCourty's play with that of those two overrated guys, but his selection over Champ is an example of what's wrong with the Pro Bowl.

Usually the problem is guys getting in on their name and popularity; this time it was an unimportant statistic. Quite simply, interceptions are not the measure of a great cornerback. In fact, this season Nnamdi Asomugha has zero INTs, Darrelle Revis has zero INTs, and Champ has just two. But please don't use this as fodder for the "Stats are Meaningless" argument. Stats can tell you almost everything you need to know - it's a matter of finding the right ones...


Brian Xanders spoke to Vic and Gary on Monday - hopefully he's a better GM than public speaker. Later today, TJ will share an interview Xanders did for TV that unfortunately hit the cutting room floor.

Brandon Lloyd and WR coach Adam Gase spoke to reporters via conference call regarding Lloyd's selection to the Pro Bowl.

Broncos TV shows some of Lloyd's more spectacular catches of the year. The clip could've been about 5 minutes longer...

Eric Studesville's Tuesday presser.

Here's the week's press release previewing Denver's matchup with San Diego.

Mason on BLloyd's selection and conference call. Plus, Klis' version.

Klis on the best line of all from BLloyd's call.

Matt Bowen says Devin McCourty beat out Champ Bailey for the Pro Bowl only because of INTs.

Brian Dawkins says the players want to get a deal done on a new CBA.

Notes from Legwold.


Legwold's next narrative - the Broncos were too old and slow thanks to Josh McDaniels. Sure, it was McDaniels' fault he only got two drafts and free-agency periods to work with...

Naturally, Legwold continues with his "Denver has only six choices this year" garbage. Can someone reconcile the following three statements? Incredibly, they come from this very same article (emphasis mine):

  1. And with so many needs in so many places on the depth chart, and with so many players who are 30 or older, it is not a good year for the team to have just six picks in the draft.
  2. The main issue there is most scouts and general managers don't consider this year's draft as deep as last year's, and that could be exacerbated if the top juniors, seeing an uncertain labor landscape, decide to stay in school.
  3. So, any picks the Broncos could get in the first three rounds could have slightly more value.

Well, which is it, Jeff? If Denver had 9 picks, would the story be "Well, McDaniels traded away a lot of talent for draft picks in what scouts are calling the most shallow draft in history"? BTW, Legwold gets paid to write this stuff. It is his JOB.

Thankfully, someone pointed out to Peter King that Peyton Hillis has EIGHT fumbles this year. Incredibly, this is his response:

Joe, what would you say if I told you Maurice Jones-Drew has 1,641 yards from scrimmage this year and Hillis 1,638? Would you say eight fumbles negate the impact of a season like that? Fumbling is correctable, and it obviously must be fixed. But the fumbles don't mean Hillis is a marginal player.

Well, Peter...if the fumbling is so easily fixed, why hasn't it been? And yes, actually the eight fumbles do have a big impact in evaluating Hillis' season. If Hillis is so great, why are the Browns ranked 19th in the NFL in rushing? Why are they tied for 17th-best in rushing efficiency according to Brian Burke?

Well, here's another example of the next dumb narrative - suddenly teams whiffed by not picking Tebow last April. I wonder if any of the writers who pursue this storyline will apologize for having skewered Josh McDaniels all year long...


Within Chris Jenkins' preview of Sunday's game, he points to speculation that Jamal Williams may retire after this season.

Canepa says the Dolts should sign Vincent Jackson.

Three Dolts made the Pro Bowl.

The Chefs also got three players into the Pro Bowl.

Three players from Jokeland also were chosen.


Here again is the full roster for the Pro Bowl.

TV maps for Week 17.

The NFLPA hasn't given any ground to the owners regarding an 18-game season.

Bowen examines the coaching hot seats around the league.

Andrew Brandt chimes in on Singletary, Donovan McNabb and the Panthers' locking up the first overall pick.

Ross Tucker says to quit whining about your team's bad luck.

Luis DeLoureiro wonders if the Dolphins will finally use a 1st-rounder on a QB this year.

Chase Stuart on Tom Brady and Drew Brees' TD streaks, plus an amazing 3rd quarter by Jay Cutler on Sunday.

George Vecsey says a guy on the Letterman Show has Mike Singletary down to a T.

Here are the NYT's pictures of the year in sports.

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