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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Eric Studesville confirmed the worst-kept secret in Denver yesterday - that Tim Tebow will start the season finale against San Diego. Again, this points to some disrespectful handling of Kyle Orton, who deserved better than being left to make that same announcement himself last week.


Eric Studesville spoke with the press yesterday.

Bucky Brooks breaks down the Broncos' game-winning drive on video for

Pat Kirwan says Josh McDaniels should still be coaching up Tebow right now. Oh well...

Woody lists every potential name the Broncos could hire for their next HC. Gee, I feel like I already read that list, and written in a much more organized and thoughtful manner. I wonder where...

LJ on the contract details of Denver's QBs in 2011 - Tebow is promised $8.23 million if he's the starter, Orton is guaranteed $2.89 million, and Brady Quinn will make $700,000. Still no acknowledgement that the DP was responsible for misreporting Orton's contract for the past four months. Eh, details...

Champ says Tebow's winning attitude rubs off on their teammates.

Mason's notes - Champ is iffy for Sunday, but Knowshon should be good to go.

Klis says the Broncos should ask for a 2nd-rounder in return for Orton. I'd be shocked beyond belief if they get as high as a 3rd-rounder back...

Klis on who Denver could interview soon, plus what pick they could end up with in April.

Legwold on the health issues of Denver's recent high draft choices.

Regarding Sunday's win, Legwold basically says what the Wolf says in my favorite movie.

Legwold tries to write about screen plays. Really, just skip it and read Ted's column yesterday if you haven't already.

Brian Billick told Judy Battista we haven't actually learned much about Tebow so far.

Kubes is trying to focus on the Texans' finale rather than his hide.


Norv and The Ego (AJ Smith) will still be running the Dolts in 2011.

Depending upon what happens Sunday, the Dolts could pick anywhere from 15th to 20th overall in April.

Poor, poor Antonio Gates. Boo Hoo.

Phil Rivers is mad folks are calling Sunday's game meaningless. Well, is. You'll see.

Meanwhile, a win versus Jokeland could get the Chefs to as high as the AFC's #3 seed.

Here's how the Chefs match up with their potential opponents.

Tafur on what Jokeland has to play for - .500 overall and !!!undefeated!!! in the division.

Corkran's notes on Jokeland.


Updated playoff scenarios after New Orleans' 17-14 victory over Atlanta last night.

George Vecsey sees Sunday's blizzard as a warning to the NFL of what could happen to the 2014 Super Bowl at the Meadowlands.

Mike Lombardi examines where Mike Singletary went wrong in San Fran.

Mike Silver's wrapup of Sunday's games. Plus, his thoughts on last night.

In his MMQB, PK says Andrew Luck may stay at Stanford anyway.

Kirwan's Pro Bowl picks.

Burke uses WPA to figure out which QBs have been clutch in 2010. To no great surprise, Matty Ice is atop the list, while Kyle Orton is near the bottom (but ahead of Phil Rivers!).

WPA also says Tebow was the second-best QB this week behind Aaron Rodgers.

MJD's most valuable (including Tebow) and least valuable (topped by a trio of Dolts!) players of the week.

Andrew Das on what went wrong for Miami this year, including BMarsh, who made around $10 million for 3 TD catches worth of play.

Chris Brown on the reaction to the ridiculousness of the NCAA's rules enforcement practices.

Plus, what Brown's been reading and the CFB play of the year.

Bill Simmons on the evolution of the sports movie.


Penna Guv Ed Rendell says we're now a "nation of wussies" for postponing football games due to snowflakes.

Thankfully, KSK translates MMQB and in less than PK's obnoxious five pages of travel/coffee notes.

KSK is bummed that Singletary and his pants were fired, but it also means another job is open for Chuckie.

More fun stuff from Singletary's tenure.

KSK isn't impressed by Atlanta's fans. Yeah, in Elway's last game the big cheer was "First Down! Falcons!!!!" - totally lame. Then again, "IN...COM...PLETE!!!" is probably the lamest cheer in the history of sports...

Oh, and New England is loving the whiteness of their 2010 Pats...

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