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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver won yesterday for just the fourth time all year, breaking a five-game losing streak as Tim Tebow earned his first NFL victory, fourth-quarter comeback and 300-yard game. The Broncos overcame a 17-0 halftime deficit and trailed the Texans 23-10 as the final period began - Denver dominated the fourth quarter as Tebow threw for one touchdown (a 23-yard catch-and-run by Correll Buckhalter) and ran the game winner in from six yards out with 3:11 remaining. Tebow finished the game with 308 yards passing and 27 yards rushing to go with the two touchdowns and an ugly first-drive interception in the Texans' endzone. Over the course of his first two NFL starts, Tebow has put forth an impressive 93.4 QB rating with an eye-popping 9.9 YPA while generating an average of 8.7 yards of adjusted total offense per chance*, along with a TD on 6.1% of his chances. By comparison, previous starting QB Kyle Orton has averaged 7.2 YPA and 6.2 yards adjusted total offense, and a 3.6 TD% passing and rushing over the past two seasons.

Small sample? Yes, of course. Stats we'd never have considered pre-Tebow? Absolutely. But that's the point - Tebow brings a different dimension to the Denver offense via his ability to make plays on the run. So, is it more fair to compare Tebow to Jay Cutler, Orton's predecessor? Cutler averaged 7.4 YPA, 6.2 yards adjusted total offense and scored a TD 4.1% of the time as Denver's starting QB - numbers very much like those Orton has produced as a Bronco, and also significantly less productive than Tebow. Again, small sample. But these are the numbers that matter, if you're in the business of trying to win football games.

* I've taken PFR's Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt (which factors in TDs and INTs) and also added in rushing stats. Chance = Pass Attempts + Sacks + Rush Attempts

As for the rest of the Broncos' numbers (yes, they still exist), the offense was a much-improved 5 for 11 on 3rd downs but just 3 of 5 in the red zone. Denver was fortunate to only turn it over once (on Tebow's early interception) despite putting the ball on the ground with a potentially disastrous four fumbles. Meanwhile, the defense only managed one turnover - an interception on a tipped pass which terminated the Texans' final possession - and not a single sack. If they generated any pressure whatsoever on Matt Schaub, I can't say I remember seeing it, although admittedly I was probably too focused on the Broncos' draft picture...

Speaking of which, Denver is now out of the running for the first pick in the 2011 Draft, although a loss to San Diego would assure them of the second pick overall. A victory over the Dolts would likely drop the Broncos to the fifth choice, but of course that would depend upon the outcome of several other games.


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