The Daily Lard 12-26-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Packers locked up home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs last night with a 35-21 victory over the Bears. Aaron Rodgers notched the first five TD pass game of his career, and the Bears' fifth straight loss polishes off their once promising playoff chances.

The elimination of Chicago also clinched a playoff spot for the Falcons, who need to beat the Saints tonight to remain in the running for the NFC South title. The final NFC playoff spot comes down to Cowboys at Giants Sunday night for the NFC East title - winner takes the division, loser is out.


2006 draftees Elvis Dumervil and Chris Kuper are anxious to achieve their first playoff berth after multiple late-season collapses.

Jeff Legwold says the Bills often punished Denver's nickel package with the run.

Legwold thinks that Kyle Orton's familiarity with everything the Broncos do could play a major role in Sunday's outcome.

Willie McGinest and Tom Waddle talk Tebow, while the GameDay crew look ahead to Sunday's game.

The Chiefs say they won't lack motivation Sunday despite having been eliminated from playoff contention.


The Vikings expect Adrian Peterson to recover from his gruesome knee injury in time for the start of next season.

Matt Bowen recaps Week 16 and says Tebow wasn't reading the whole field and should have checked down more.

Pat Kirwan looks ahead to Week 17 and is glad the NFL made the final week's games all intradivisional matchups.

In his MMQB, Peter King seems to be out of saliva for his Tebow slobberfest: ""Did he use up all his professional football karma in two months?...'My confidence is just fine,' Tebow said after throwing four second-half interceptions, two returned for touchdowns within 18 seconds. His accuracy, well, that's another matter."

Mike Silver focuses on the Lions' playoff-clinching victory over the Chargers in his Monday column.

Kevin Acee says that even if the Chargers replace A.J. Smith and Norv Turner, they'll still have to upgrade the roster at several spots to fix what's wrong.

In FO's weekly Audibles column, Vince Verhei sees an indecisive Tebow when he scrambles near the LOS.

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