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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his column yesterday, TJ wrote that he thought perhaps Tim Tebow could thrive in a WCO ala Steve Young. Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi considered the Broncos' situation with Tebow and suggested that Denver actually needs to stick with an offensive-oriented HC to continue the young QB's development. His choice? Why, none other than Gary Kubiak - although Lombardi says the zone-blocking offense has become somewhat obsolete with its smaller linemen, he thinks it could be an ideal scheme for Tebow to operate within.

Knowshon Moreno and Matt Prater did not practice yesterday, while Brian Dawkins, Demaryius Thomas and Darcel McBath returned in limited fashion. As mentioned yesterday, Spencer Larsen was placed on IR and replaced on the active roster by Stanley Daniels. To fill Daniels' spot on the practice squad, Denver signed LB Dominic Douglas.


Eric Studesville and Tim Tebow spoke with the press yesterday.

Kyle Orton, Mario Haggan and Daniel Graham talked to reporters in the locker room. (Audio)

Gary Kubiak and Arian Foster spoke to the Denver press via conference call. (Audio)

Mason examines the historic frequency of turnover at DC for the Broncos and the possible scheme and personnel changes that are looming.

Mason on Orton's comments about his health and no longer starting.

Legwold considers whether the Broncos can/will go with more 3-WR sets on Sunday.

Here's the AP story on the Broncos' QB situation.

Legwold on Tebow/Orton. From his own observations of practice, Legwold thinks the two QBs are not BFFs.

Krieger found it strange that Orton was the one to break the news that Tebow would be starting the rest of the way. Yeah, it was odd.

Remember when Elvis Dumervil couldn't get into the Big IF for the loss to Jokeland? Well, a few days after that he was cited for assault and disturbing the peace.

Legwold on Kubes' comments. Plus, notes from LJ.

Some of the Texans' players don't know if they're allowed to hit Tebow, being that "he's a saint" and all.

Notes on the Texans.

The AP on Houston's slow starts this season.


Notes on the Chefs from Covitz.

Acee's bits on the Dolts.

Oh, and Jack Murphy Stadium is flooded.

Corkran's notes from Jokeland.


The Colts have placed Austin Collie on IR after his latest concussion.

Andrew Brandt considers the 18-game season in his fourth look at the NFL's CBA issues.

Luis DeLoureiro on the alma maters of today's NFL quarterbacks.

Although the year is far from over, Don Banks is already recounting its top stories.

Pompei ponders what the Vikes will do post-Favruh.

Denver sits at #31 in Mike Silver's weekly rankings.

The Broncos remain 28th in Brian Burke's efficiency ratings.

Burke wonders if Colt McCoy is the real

DVOA and DYAR from FO.


Marvin Lewis said Chad Johnson is mopey pants, and Chad denied it by whining.

KSK captionizes Week 15.

The new Sexy Rexy (sorry, Grossman) didn't deny that it was his wife in the footsie videos. He also claims "it's a personal matter." You know, except that his wife (or him) posted the videos on YouTube. Trifling details...

Deadspin shares a hilarious exchange of letters between a Browns fan and the team from 1974.

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