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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Dawkins, Darcel McBath, Demaryius Thomas and Andre' Goodman did not practice yesterday; all are expected to miss the trip to KC. As mentioned last night, we've now all got a glimpse at what Kenny McKinley was facing prior to his suicide - mounting gambling debts, child support and the fear that his NFL career was over. Plus, we learned that his death has likely taken a greater toll on his ex-teammates beyond the loss of a friend and teammate - especially so for Tom Brandstater and Jabar Gaffney. Our thoughts go out to those two men as well, today.

Later today, Part 2 of Doc's series on the Elways and the spread offense, and The Dude's Mail Revue.


Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton had their customary Wednesday pressers.

A few players spoke to reporters in the locker room yesterday (Video).

Audio of Daniel Graham and Kevin Vickerson speaking with reporters.

More details on the investigation into Kenny McKinley's suicide from LJ. In case you missed it, here is Arnie's original article.

Arnie on McDaniels' relationship with Pat Bowlen and Handshake Haley. Legwold on the same.

Woody says McDaniels is losing his support within the Broncos organization, and just when you start to think he's pulling out one of his true journalistic pieces, he points out that he himself told Josh at the time that hiring Steve Scarnecchia was a bad idea. Woody says that if the Broncos lose their remaining divisional games, McDaniels will be gone.

Mason on the Broncos players' focus as they play out the schedule.

Notes from LJ.

Legwold questions the Broncos' draft-related decisions. He and others can focus on draft chart values, but the Broncos came away with 9 players from the 2010 Draft. One can surely quibble with who they selected, but the way they moved down and up the board was brilliant. Hey Legwold - how about checking how many points they came into the draft with and how many they ended up with?

Legwold comes up with a shocker - if the Broncos lose on Sunday, they can't finish 8-8 again.

Old friend Nate Jackson says the Denver media ran Jake the Snake out of town because he wasn't enough like Elway.


Handshake Haley and LB Derrick Johnson spoke to the Denver press via conference call.

Teicher on the Chefs' thriving passing game.

Notes on the Chefs, who re-signed CB Mike Richardson and extended the contract of their long snapper. KC is a bit banged up at CB, but is otherwise healthy.

Farrar breaks down Jamaal Charles in the stretch play.

Talk of the Dolts possibly moving to LA gathered more steam yesterday in the rumor mill.

Acee's notes on the Dolts.

Tafur on Jokeland's upcoming visit to San Diego.


Alan Schwarz on a new imaging technology that may help diagnose brain trauma in the living.

Chris Dempsey of the DP checks in on some new helmet technology.

Magic Johnson is hoping to bring the NFL back to LA.

Matt Bowen previews tonight's game and shares his picks for the week.

Brian Burke on what motivates professional athletes.

Luis DeLoureiro examines the importance of using a first-round choice to acquire a QB.

According to CHFF, the Broncos just haven't made enough big plays this year. Then again, they haven't given up that many, either.

The Broncos are #29 in Mike Silver's weekly rankings.

Tanier points out that the NFC West could be won with a 6-10 record this year.

Some people aside from his teammates actually like Cortland Finnegan.

Tom Brady is now a spokesman for UGG.

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