Tebow to Start Lard 12-19-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Adam Schefter and Mike Lombardi are reporting that Tim Tebow will start at QB today, while the local reporters are butt hurt still trying to say that he "may" start because they've been scooped. Obviously, this is an exciting day for Denver - we get to see what all the hoopla's been about, and interestingly, we'll start to find out what Josh McDaniels was thinking when he moved back into the first round to draft Tebow in April. If Tebow ends up a success in Denver, what will McDaniels' legacy be? Will he still be the guy who wanted fewer ran off interceptions Cutler, dropped passes Marshall and fumbles Hillis? Or will the next coach get all the credit for turning around the Broncos and developing Tebow? Who knows? Only one way to find out...


Real journalism from Woody. Paige writes that McDaniels was not pleased with how Kyle Orton played last season or prepared in the offseason, and once he drafted Tebow he had planned to trade Orton. But he was apparently talked out of it, and now he has no job...

Ted Bartlett picks up where he left off, laying out who Gregg Williams and Co. should keep and acquire for the 2011 Broncos.

Here's an AP story on Brian Xanders, his reputation at Dove Valley and his future.

Mason previews the game and predicts Jokeland by 9.

Klis on Tebow's first start.

LJ finds out a bit more about RB Lance Ball.

The DP's scantastic preview.


Legwold tries to put the Tebow start into perspective by writing about how much the Broncos around him suck.

Klis says the Broncos can turn it around next year because the Falcons did so. And, of course, it's all McDaniels' fault.

Clearly, Patrick Saunders didn't publish any emails from our readers...


Tafur says big plays have been hurting the Jokeland defense.

McDonald says WR Louis Murphy is back to form.

Monte Poole on the futures of Tom Cable and Hue Jackson.

Teicher previews Chefs/Lambs.

Did an appendectomy help Matt Cassel prove his toughness?

Babb profiles Chefs ball-grabber DT Shaun Smith.


The Pats have signed former Broncos CB Tony Carter.

PFW is hearing that Demaryius Thomas may spend the offseason working out with Brian Dawkins.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei hears Jon Gruden may replace the Mangenious in Cleveland, and John Fox may replace Tony Soprano Sparano in Miami. Who might replace Fox in Carolina? Why, our very own Mike McCoy.

Here's what Matt Bowen is looking for today.

Carson Cistulli's weekly notes.

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