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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! As Dave Krieger points out, John Fox is now the first NFL coach to win three OT games in a single season for two different teams, as his 2003 Panthers played in five extra-session games including one in the playoffs, and winning four of them. Interestingly, Fox's teams have only been to overtime three times in his other eight seasons, and when combined, those '03 Panthers and these '11 Broncos are 7-1 in overtime.

Another crazy set of numbers? Those two squads are a combined 19-10 despite a mediocre minus-12 in point differential. Naturally, a point differential like that would suggest a record more along the lines of 14-15 or 15-14. Luck? Great coaching? Crappy offenses? Conservative coaching? Obviously, it's a combination of all of those. Perhaps at some point we'll take a look at OT coaching records and how they compare to regulation records. OT records will of course provide tiny samples, but it'd be interesting to see if they mirror a coach's overall record as he coaches more OT games.


Notes from the DP: Eddie Royal was a full participant at practice, while Brian Dawkins and Andre' Goodman were limited.

Andrew Mason on the trouble presented by the Pats' tight ends, plus photos from practice.

Jeff Legwold says the Broncos defense will need to hang with those tight ends, get pressure on Tom Brady and not get eaten alive by the Pats' no-huddle offense if they're to keep themselves in the game.

Lindsay Jones focuses on the superior kicking by Matt Prater of late.

NFL Films and the Players Only crew preview the game, video of John Fox, Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy speaking after practice, and a report for BTV from Chris Hall.

Notes on practice from Gray Caldwell, plus an article on the matchup from Kenny Legan.

Tim Tebow

Panthers WR Steve Smith thinks Cam Newton is a more complete player than Tebow (duh). Now, keep in mind that some dopey reporter obviously asked him the question.

Arnie Stapleton on Tebow's vocal religiousness

Although Belichick is supposedly having trouble replicating Tebow's play in practice, Chris Chase figures he's got the SI curse on his side.

Guess I missed this part, but Tebow sent some light trash talking Charles Tillman's way by telling him he was "lucky" to have brought in his interception Sunday.

Urban Meyer joined Tebow in trying to slow down the "He just wins" train, by crediting the rest of the team.

Barry Petchesky recaps the NFLN Sound FX segment on Tebow, and he thinks the hits Tim takes will cost the team a heavy toll.

Drew Magary explains precisely why he hates Tebow, including his own cynicism about Tim's outward piety.

Tebow gave the NY Post an interview much like his games - boring as all hell until the end (although the end of this is not nearly as good as the end of games - it's a loose comparison, if you will.) - via SOB

IAOFM reader Chris Sturgess thinks Tebow's greatest contribution to the Broncos' turnaround is making his teammates believe they can always win.

Oh my. Eight games in and we're talking about Tebow's leadership transcending business?

Leigh Steinberg now believes in Tebow's magic.

Scott Ostler thinks the Raiders deserve the blame for Tebowmania.


Patrick Chung and Sebastian Vollmer again missed practice and are unlikely to play.

Obviously, the talk in Beantown is whether the Pats can contain Tebow for the full 60 minutes (or longer).

Greg Bedard breaks down the pick that led to Tom Brady's sideline fight with Bill O'Brien.

The groping charges against Julian Edelman from that Halloween party have been dropped.

Jeffri Chadiha on the breakout seasons of Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.

A bunch of chowderheads are trying to start a meme based upon Gronkowski's post-TD spikes.


Matt Ryan threw three TD passes to lead Atlanta to a 41-14 mauling of the Jaguars.

It does look like Kyle Orton will be starting for the Chiefs this weekend, and they really are talking about Josh McDaniels in KC.

Ex-Chiefs GM Carl Peterson is in talks to take over the Dolphins, while Brian Billick says he'd be interested in their HC gig.

Meanwhile, Dan Marino thinks Bill Cowher doesn't plan to coach again.

Washington placed S LaRon Landry on IR.

USC tackle Matt Kalil says he's entering the 2012 Draft, despite rumors that he might stay in school.

NFL players hate Cris Collinsworth.

Josh Levin wonders when the frightening concussions suffered by non-QBs like Kris Dielman will get their proper level of attention, while Tom Scocca theorizes on whether James Harrison simply enjoys hurting people. Maggie Hendricks just hopes Colt McCoy receives better care going forward; he was sent home from practice yesterday and is unlikely to play Sunday.

The Broncos' playoff probabilities have gone from just 1% a couple months ago to 83%, and there's even a 4% likelihood they nab the #3 seed! Plus, another gem from Burke - he's plotted out the year-to-year EPAs of each team since the 2000 season.

Matt Yoder analyzes the new TV deal and is most interested in the fact that CBS and FOX will be able to have games flexed to and from each other, so AFC games can be on FOX and NFC games can be on CBS, ala the Broncos/Vikings switch.

Bill Barnwell lays out the potential landing spots for Peyton Manning next season, provided the Colts draft Andrew Luck.

Khaled Elsayed checks in on PFF's pass blocking efficiency stats and finds that both Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin are having brutal seasons. Plus, a few play breakdowns from last week via Sam Monson.

Pat Kirwan, Albert Breer and John Clayton preview the week's games, while Jason Cole sees Von Miller as one of the ten players who could have the most impact down the stretch. Plus, Bucky Brooks' X-factor players (Chris Harris, Jonathan Wilhite) for Week 15 and Clark Judge's dud teams and players of the year.

Gil Brandt thinks this year's rookie QB class rivals that of 1983, and he sees the Patriots winning a narrow one on Sunday.

Unfortunately the Texans edged out the Broncos for coverage in Ben Muth's column on O-line play, but I suppose that's the next best thing?


Matt Bowen breaks down the Packers' Spot Route, while Greg Gabriel evaluates rookies from Panthers/Falcons.

Doug Farrar did TWO podcasts this week - his regular one with Greg Cosell and a super special one with Peter King.

Chris Brown lists his favorite reads of the year.

Frank Deford is the latest curmudgeon to bemoan TD celebrations, and he even claims that nobody ever celebrates in other pro sports. (h/t RSH)

Rob Rang updates his Big Board, while Matt Miller ranks top RB prospects.

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag, plus a wild story about some rec-league hockey player who dropped a deuce in another man's glove.

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