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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Woody Paige dumps plenty of blame on Denver's receivers when it comes to not catching Tim Tebow's passes, and he gets pretty creative with it. On one hand the bad throws are supposedly a direct order from John Fox to throw balls in the dirt, and some more fault lies with John Elway for not having helped Tebow much during training camp. So, let's get this straight - Tebow's been playing QB his whole life (despite the narrative being falsely put out there that nobody wanted him to play QB). He came into the league with question marks about his throwing and his accuracy, and he supposedly spent countless hours (remember, nobody works harder) fixing/working on his throwing before being drafted, and then again last offseason (in between selling books and underwear). He has shown those very accuracy problems each and every week, but John Elway has the magic solution and it's just a matter of him not having shared his proprietary secret with Tim?

But back to the receivers, gotta hit them some more - Eric Decker couldn't see Sunday, Demaryius Thomas runs before he catches, and all of them "are just using their hands, not their arms" (huh?), and Woody's double-secret inside source tells him Decker and Thomas are still "learning touch and control" and his other sources say the young receivers simply aren't very good. Oh, and Brandon Lloyd is selfish and was an anonymous source, but who knows what that has to do with this. Tebow wasn't working with the guy in camp anyway, right Woodrow?

Woody then poses the question, "Wouldn't it be fair to let him have an offseason of working with the No. 1 unit and a bunch of first- and second-string receivers?" since that's what he was unable to do in camp (but, we're talking about Lloyd (who's gone) and Eddie Royal (who he doesn't throw to beyond the LOS anyway). Hmm. But we've already established that Decker and Thomas aren't very good, right? Does that mean the Broncos should bring in a free-agent WR who's better than those guys in the offseason? If so, why would this mystery star WR want to come to Denver - so he can be targeted 90 times a season and catch 40 or 50 balls? Don't think so. If you're curious, since Tebow has been starting, he's targeted Decker 44 times, resulting in 20 receptions (45.5%) and five drops. Thomas has been targeted 41 times for just 18 catches (43.9%) with four drops (Stats via PFF). These make Brandon Marshall (59.8%) seem Wes Welker-like (75.8%).

BTW, not that this proves anything (really, it's more funny than anything), but yesterday Decker won an award for his pass-catching fundamentals (using his hands, which Coach Woodrow doesn't like); here he is talking about it.

Woody then goes on to criticize ESPN's Total QBR, because it doesn't find a way to make Tebow look better than he is. His own formula, of course, would take out drops and make it all about the fourth quarter and being clutch. Gee, Woody - isn't that exactly what TQBR is supposed to do? Oh, but wait - Woody says TQBR should include wins and losses too! So, all that matters is whether a guy wins or loses, and any metric that measures the QB should include wins and losses. So, what's the point of the metric? Why even talk about anything at all? Scoreboard!!!!!


Notes from the DP: Brian Dawkins, Andre' Goodman and David Bruton did not practice. Obviously, this is a problem with the Pats coming to town.

Mike Tanier hunts down the Wildcat and wonders if the Broncos could use some variations of it with Tebow.

Andrew Mason on Von Miller's cast/club and some photos from practice.

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Jeff Darlington recaps the Broncos' wild victories.

Video of John Fox and Tim Tebow speaking after practice, plus notes from Kenny Legan and a summary of Tebow's comments from Max Henson.

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will be calling the game for CBS.

Tim Tebow

Over at The Daily Dickpunch, they've decided Tebow really is JC, plus some ideas on how to make football more interesting and help Tebow in the process. Finally, their thoughts on the Broncos' last three head coaches.

DP op-ed praises Tebow for not shying away from expressing his faith every time he speaks. Pander much?

From NFLN, here's one clip of Tebow on Sound FX last night (not sure if it's supposed to be the whole thing but was truncated, or what), another of the fourth-quarter comeback, plus Kurt Warner and the No Huddle guys talking Tebow.

Bonfire Brewing is creating a beer in honor of Tim called Tebrew.

Julian Benbow on the changing narrative on Tebow, plus Tony Massarotti wonders if the Broncos really would commit to Tim for the long-term.

Ex-Pat Matt Chatham is tired of hearing that Tebow is the reason the Broncos are winning (via Mike Freeman's weekly column).

KSK has a sneak preview of the new Tebow-covered NFL Mag, plus Tim meets Tommy from Quinzee.

Tank Johnson thinks playing Tebow is like being in a live version of those stupid Buffalo Wild Wings commercials.


Notes on the Pats: S Patrick Chung and T Sebastian Vollmer missed practice yesterday.

Greg Bedard sees some positive signs among the Pats' defensive struggles.

Plus, he of course says the New England D must play with discipline on Sunday.

Tom Brady is just 1-5 against the Broncos in the regular season. Oh, and 0-1 in the playoffs hahaha.


Shahid Khan has been approved as the new owner of the Jags (and first minority NFL owner).

Leslie Frazier has been told he'll be back coaching the Vikes next season.

Peyton Manning has started throwing, while Jon Kitna was placed on IR by Dallas.

Doug Farrar and Andrew Brandt on the Browns' ghastly handling of Colt McCoy's concussion, and the abomination of their failure to own up to it properly. Oh BTW, they didn't even test him for a concussion.

Naturally, the Worldwide Leader has hired Handshake Haley.

Pat Kirwan talks bend/don't break, while Mike Lombardi examines the game management issues in Dallas.

Greg Garber and Mike Silver focus on the success of Kubes and the Texans.

More Week 14 stuff from PFF: analyst chatter, best (Brodrick Bunkley, Von Miller, D.J. Williams, Matt Prater) and worst players, and the ROY race (Miller).

Andy Benoit previews Niners/Steelers and some other games.


Nate Jackson explains what we're missing by not having access to All-22 film.

Obviously, Bucky Brooks has Von Miller as his DROY among awards.

Richard Sandomir on the league's new TV deals.

Brian Burke continues to tweak his team visualizations for the better.

Tom Gower and Mike Kurtz talk about the problems with the NFL's tiebreaking system.

Here's what Chris Brown's been reading/watching, plus Mike Leach and the Pistol, together at WSU?

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