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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It looks like Demaryius Thomas will miss his fourth straight game Sunday. Meanwhile, the Broncos did not re-sign Stanley Daniels as was reported earlier by Mike Klis; rather, WR Britt Davis was promoted from the practice squad to replace the injured S Kyle McCarthy, who was place on IR.

Meanwhile, the news on Perrish Cox is getting worse before it gets better - his charges are Class 3 and Class 4 felonies, which involve knowingly assaulting a helpless victim. These charges carry a sentence ranging between two years and life in prison.


Legwold says that missing the playoffs is toughest on the Broncos' oldest of veterans.

Legwold on the difficult job Eric Studesville has been facing.

In discussing the prospect of hiring John Elway, Legwold says the Broncos have "immense football problems" including "how they treat the draft."

LJ's notes on the Broncos.

Perhaps the fact that Gus Johnson is calling Sunday's game means we'll actually see something exciting.

VIc Lombardi argues for starting Tim Tebow this week.


Jerry McDonald says the field in Jokeland could be a bit mucky on Sunday.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio says Jokeland was playing dirtier than usual this past week.

Will the Chefs' D play better this week? Covits on KC's playoff picture.

Sunday is a homecoming of sorts for Niners QB Alex Smith.

Acee's notes on the Dolts.


TV coverage maps for Week 15.

Bills WR Lee Evans, Titans C Eugene Amano are done for the year; Giants LB Clint Sintim probably is too.

The Metrodome will not be ready this week, so the Vikes are hosting the Bears at the University of Minnesota.

Pat Kirwan shows how teams like to use running backs within the passing game.

Matt Bowen goes over the role of the cornerback in the Cover 2.

Randy Cross shares his thoughts on MNF and the overdone "greatest ever" talk.

Andrew Brandt answers questions in his mailbag.

PK on his butt buddy Favruh; plus he touches on how Tebow and Brady Quinn practice.

The Broncos have fallen to 27th in Brian Burke's efficiency ratings.

DVOA and DYAR from FO.

You sure you want Kubes here? He is still losing lots of close games, which are probably the result of two things - bad luck and bad coaching.

The Broncos and Shanny's Skins are out of the playoffs race, while Kubes' Texans are almost there with them.

Chris Brown's (mostly college) notes over at Smart Football.


KSK captionizes Week 14.

Shanny lost his train of thought in a speech to his team. (Thanks, underdog!)

Keith Brooking apparently gave quite a pregame speech to the Cowboys this week.

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