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Good Morning, Broncos fans! I was just about to write how fascinating it was that Alex Marvez is the first writer to point to the fact that Mike McCoy worked under Urban Meyer at Utah (How could it be that everyone missed that one?!), but then I realized there are a couple of problems with that. One, McCoy never worked for Utah, only playing for them from 1992 to 1994. Two, Meyer coached there from 2003 to 2004 while McCoy was coaching quarterbacks for John Fox with the Panthers. Marvez also points out that Tim Tebow threw a pick-six against Detroit but ignores/forgets that a fumble by Tim was returned for a score too. Man, where does Marvez get his facts from? The latter omission is easily excused, but to link McCoy and Meyer after apparently interviewing McCoy in depth is just mind-blowing. Well, he does work for FOX where quality journalism isn't exactly the highest of priorities.

Anyway, the rest of the article is pretty interesting as it talks about McCoy watching college film for inspiration to help him add wrinkles to the Denver offense, and he has apparently consulted with Demaryius Thomas, who played his college ball in Georgia Tech's triple-option offense. At least, that's what Marvez says. It's not a direct quote, which it would appear are the only things we can totally trust are accurate from Marvez, our latest inductee to the Hall of Hackery.


Andy Benoit hits up Broncos/Bears in his weekly film review, and he says the key to Tebow & Co. beating the softened Chicago defense late was that Tim was able to avoid the Bears' four-man rush and extend plays with his feet. Benoit also lauds the play of Marcus Thomas and Brodrick Bunkley, and he says the Bears found success running out of three-wide personnel groupings.

In his look at Week 15, Eric Edholm isn't really buying PK's story about Pat Bowlen fighting for Broncos/Pats to be flexed and Robert Kraft taking the other side. Naturally, Edholm is looking forward to seeing what Bill Belichick has in store for Tebow, and he even wonders if Tebow can improve in the same way Brady did early in his career.

Jeff Legwold wants to see the next three games before making any pronouncements about the Broncos, while Woody Paige thinks the winner of Sunday's game is going to the Super Bowl.

Legwold focuses on the contributions of Wesley Woodyard, plus in his notes he says Chris Harris is likely to start at CB if Andre' Goodman can't go.

Vic Lombardi is convinced that Broncos players have been more active within the community thanks to Tebow's influence.

Over on NFLN, the Total Access crew, Heath Evans & Tom Waddle and Torry Holt/Mooch/Charles Davis talk about Tebow.


Steve Palazzolo reviews the Pats' narrow victory over Washington for PFF.

Christopher Gasper on the greatness of TE Rob Gronkowski.

Ross Tucker thinks reaction to the Tom Brady/Bill O'Brien shoutfest is overblown, and he's seen improvement from Tebow in recent weeks.

Obviously, O'Brien just wants to move on from talk of the sideline spat.


Steve Wyche says further transgressions by Ndamukong Suh and James Harrison could result in suspensions as long as six games each. Matt Bowen, Albert Breer, Peter KingMJD, and Alex Marvez on the one-game suspension of Harrison.

Old friend Erik Pears got a contract extension in Buffalo, while Tennessee placed LB Barrett Ruud on IR.

Bill Barnwell and Kevin Braig react to the firings of Handshake Haley and Tony Sparano and see issues much larger than coaching, while Jason Whitlock sees the moves as a prime opportunity to continue railing on Scott Pioli and lay the blame for both organizations' woes at the feet of Bill Parcells.

Jason Cole wonders if Raheem Morris is next to get canned, and he offers thoughts on the comments of Tebow's pastor and Dan Wetzel's column about the same.

Barry Petchesky runs down the list of '94 Chargers who have passed far too early.

Denver dropped a slot from 23rd to 24th in the ANS efficiency rankings.

Some Week 14 wrapups: Bill Barnwell's Fab/Flops (Prater/Barber), observations from Nate Jahnke, CBS Eye's awards (Prater) and coach killers (Barber), and PFW's best players (Prater), MVP (Tebow) and rookie (Von Miller) meters.


Andrew Brandt explains why individual NFL players don't have the silly amount of power NBA ones do.

Greg Gabriel evaluates rookie play from Bengals/Texans, while Matt Bowen breaks down the Texans' red-zone offense.

DYAR and DVOA via FO, plus Aaron Schatz splits DVOA between the third and fourth quarters. Naturally, the numbers on Denver's offense match what we've been seeing.

Chris Brown analyzes the Flexbone Offense and he theorizes on scheme changes and recruiting.

KSK captionizes Week 14, plus Meast and Least starring Marion Barber and some Denver fans. What's with the dude in the Packers hat holding up a Tebow sign?

At least RG3 knows who ordained his Heisman Trophy.

Conclusive proof that cats are just dicks.

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