Not so many comebacks Lard 12-1-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Like many of you, I grew up practically worshiping John Elway, and it always stings to read about the lies we've been told regarding his 4th-quarter comeback wins. Really, he's not actually the Comeback King. But as someone who loves stats, facts and the debunking of myths, narratives and internet memes, I've just got to accept the disappointing realities along with the uplifting ones. Not sure if you're ready to do the same, but here's an excellent read from Scott Kacsmar over at the PFR Blog regarding Elway's comebacks. The silver lining is that it shows that Elway was much better than Brett Favre in the fourth quarter, and very similar to Dan Marino. Well, except for the fact that he's got more rings than the two of them combined...

Among the links you'll find sense and reason from Mike Lombardi and myth busting from Ted Bartlett. And later today, the first of Doc's excellent series linking the Elways to Kyle Orton.


Here's the weekly press release via the Broncos' PR guys.

Mike Lombardi examines the situation in Denver and points out that 

"When the Broncos hired McDaniels, they had to expect some turbulent times. They had to expect their bright, young coach would have to endure adversity as he learned how to be a head coach. Denver gave him the power to build the team in the style of his choosing, and if the Broncos were to change coaches now, it would set the franchise back and force adoption of an entirely new philosophy."

Lombardi still thinks the Broncos and McDaniels could have handled the Cutler situation better, and that the team should have had a better support system in place for their young coach.

I generally don't post garbage from hacks like Adam Schein anymore, who in this case repeats every incorrect and oversimplified McDaniels-related narrative he can think of. Unfortunately, he happens to think that 1) They're all true 2) He knows anything about football. Why did I place Schein's hackery so high today? Well...

Thankfully, Ted Bartlett is here to explain precisely why all of Schein's points are so ridiculous.

Klis clarifies his clarification of Pat Bowlen's words and interprets them to mean that McDaniels' job is only in jeopardy if the Broncos basically lose the rest of their games this season. Oh, and with a couple of blowouts.

LJ wonders if the Broncos are making enough in-game adjustments to their game plans.

Some parsing of words by Legwold regarding Spygate II.

Legwold on the recent success of Chefs QB Matt Cassel.

This is a couple days old, but Mike Nolan apparently still thinks enough of Chris Baker that the Dolphins have promoted him from their practice squad.

Here's more from Mark Kreidler. (Thanks, JVill)


Babb on the Chefs as they gear up for the stretch run.

Cassel got to show his old coach a thing or two on Sunday.

The Dolts have a pretty easy schedule coming up.

Several key Dolts are up for free agency after this season.

Notes on the Dolts and Jokeland from Chris Jenkins.

Looks like Bruce Gradkowski is done for the year.


Here are your TV maps for Sunday.

The NFL announced their refund policy for season tickets in the event of a lockout next year.

Green Bay gave CB Tramon Williams a contract extension with a $6 million signing bonus. No word on the guarantees - agent mouthpiece La Canfora only writes that it's a $41 million deal. How's that for journalism? But he's an insider!! Wowwwwwwww.......

Pat Kirwan explains the evolution of the screen pass.

Ross Tucker loved the slugfest Sunday between Dirty Finnegan and Andre Johnson.

Andrew Brandt offers us a refresher course on the CBA situation.

A Senator from New Mexico is questioning the standards for helmet safety.

Matt Bowen shares the intricacies of playing a Cover 2 from the safety position.

Randy Cross on Derek Anderson's press conference explosion.

Denver is #24 in Brian Burke's weekly efficiency rankings.

DYAR and DVOA from the FO guys.

Among his predictions, Don Banks thinks the Dolts will win out.

KSK captionizes Week 12.

PK's mailbag.

Gisele is reportedly quite concerned with her hubby's hairline.

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