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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis says he doesn't know how far the zone-read can take Denver, but it's the best offense for Tim Tebow to be running at this point. Plus, he thinks the Broncos will clearly be targeting a top cornerback and defensive tackle in next year's draft, along with of course a quarterback and a running back. Klis thinks Denver will try to hang onto Brodrick Bunkley, who is a free agent after this season, along with Marcus Thomas.

As for quarterbacks, Klis also says that the new rookie pay scale could make a big trade up in the draft to get one to be more palatable, as the cost is more about the picks being dealt away rather than a huge chunk of guaranteed money as in the past. He thinks that unless Miami has the #1 pick, Denver will have a chance to trade up to select Andrew Luck.


Greg Bishop examines the role of religion in sports and how Tebow's outspoken faith has polarized the sports world.

When you've only got a single career sack in 68 games played, you don't get to use your sack dance very often. So, it appears Marcus Thomas instead has a false start dance. Best part? Seeing the guys on Oakland's sideline laughing about it.

Lindsay Jones checks in on the progress of Tebow, while Dave Krieger says that of course Tebow earned the chance to start in Kansas City.

Jeff Legwold reminds us that the reason NFL teams don't run any form of the option very much is because they don't want to risk the health of their starting QBs. Plus, he says Oakland's biggest problem Sunday was in failing to set the edge and play with discipline, and he points out that Denver will face several opponents who employ 3-4 fronts down the stretch.

Willis McGahee admits to not quite being in love with the zone-read at first blush.

Video of John Fox's Monday presser, plus McGahee, Von Miller and Eddie Royal discussing Sunday's win.

Part 1 and Part 2 of John Elway's show with Vic & Gary, plus a summary and partial transcription of Elway's comments by Ryan Casey of the DP.

Notes from Gray Caldwell, Max Henson and Stuart Zaas from the official site.

Jim Mora doesn't believe that using the zone-read so heavily will help Denver beat quality teams or win consistently.

Bill Maher thinks Tebow would make for a fine Republican presidential candidate.

Hue Jackson spent much of Monday trying to explain how the Raiders repeatedly failed to defend a play they'd been prepping to face for two weeks, and why he bizarrely kept WR Darrius Heyward-Bey and TE Kevin Boss on the sideline for much of the game. Haha Hue, it sure seems you outsmarted yourself just a wee bit...


Scott Pioli sounds like he's going to extend the contract of Handshake Haley not long after he was reportedly going to fire the coach if the Chiefs hadn't come back to beat Indy.

VIdeo of Haley's Monday presser following the Chiefs' mauling by the Dolphins.

Notes on the Chiefs from Lindsay Jones.

Randy Covitz suggests the Chiefs find someone to take over the naming rights to Arrowhead in exchange for some cash money.


Jay Cutler threw two TD passes and Matt Forte rushed for 133 yards as the Bears handed the "Dream Team" Eagles their fifth loss of the season, 30-24. Matt Bowen examines how the Bears managed to keep Michael Vick under wraps, while Brian Burke says the cautionary case of Chris Johnson in Tennessee is ample proof that Chicago should just franchise Forte the next two years rather than pay him a huge contract.

Tampa Bay placed DT Gerald McCoy on IR, while Rams WR Greg Salas is done for the year after breaking his leg.

Detroit brought back RB Kevin Smith and signed ex-Cowboys G Leonard Davis, while Washington signed well-traveled summertime friend WR David Anderson.

The NFLPA will hold a game in Los Angeles on Jan 21 featuring 100 draft eligible players.

A Florida state senator is trying to eliminate the NFL's local blackout rules.

Chris Brown tears down the ridiculous argument for not allowing access to All-22 film.

More analysis of Sunday's action from Pat KirwanMike Lombardi, who thinks Sunday's win was more about what the Raiders failed to do on defense than anything else, and Jonathan Comey, who points out that Denver has rushed for an increasing number of yards in each of Tebow's six starts. Plus, game balls from Matt Bowen.

Burke reviews Sunday's games, and I think he meant to write that Oakland should have gone for it rather than punt on the play Eddie Royal untied the game with.

Carson Cistulli presents in graph form the point that teams clearly pass the ball to gain a lead and run the ball to preserve that lead.

Chase Stuart pulled the play-by-play data from this season to dig into just how much teams rely on the pass in their game strategies. Naturally, he finds the Broncos to be one of the most run-heavy teams in the league.

Tebow and Eric Decker are among the players Bill Barnwell would prefer to have on his FF team rather than his actual football team.


Part 1 and Part 2 of Shutdown Corner's midseason roundtable: they discuss Tebow in Part 2, and Doug Farrar suggests that going heavy on the zone-read will only serve to delay Tim's development as an NFL QB, and he thinks Tebow could dominate as a fullback/H-back.

Chris Chase includes the Broncos' win over Miami among the best games of the first half of the season, while MJD considers MVP candidates.

Rob Rang, Wes Bunting and Bucky Brooks update their thoughts on top draft prospects after last week's action.

FO's weekly Audibles column, plus Drew Magary interprets Peter King's MMQB.

The Sanchize didn't look like a football player on this play, while Shanny is definitely wearing out his tanning bed.

Deadspin is all over this horrifying Jerry Sandusky case; Magary tries to explain JoePa's side of the story; Jason Whitlock thinks Paterno deserves a good deal of blame.

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