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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his column today, Dave Krieger suggests that Tim Tebow's window as Denver's starting QB is closing, and he points to a quote from Champ Bailey earlier in the week as proof that Tim's teammates don't believe he has the talent to make it in the NFL. Said Bailey,

You can be as competitive and have as much heart as possible, but if you don't have the talent for this league, it's hard to play.

Obviously, this line could be interpreted as being about the team as a whole or in general, but since he mentions heart and competitiveness, who do you think he's really talking about? Krieger also checks in with former Buff Kordell Stewart, who thinks Tebow is benefitting from a double standard of sorts in getting a chance to play at this point. Ultimately, Krieger thinks Tebow has to show marked improvement today or be replaced by Brady Quinn next week at KC.


Andrew Mason offers his keys to the game, plus Jeff Legwold's weekly scouting report.

Lindsay Jones focuses on the physical punishment Tebow has taken so far in his two starts.

Woody Paige employs the Swiss cheese-like logic of pointing out that plenty of other QBs started their NFL careers poorly as proof that Tebow might someday be good. The biggest problem with this argument is that most of the players Woody compares Tebow to were consensus first-round picks if not consensus first-overall picks, whereas Tebow as considered by most as being a fourth-round project.

LJ shares a Q&A with Colorado native and Wyoming alum Mitch Unrein.

Mike Klis talks about "the spread offense" and thinks it will take over the NFL someday. Does he mean the spread option? Plus, he thinks Tebow can hang onto the starting gig if he can start converting some third downs.

Jamie Dukes and Tom Waddle discuss the future of Tebow on NFLN, Max Henson previews the game for the official site, plus a Q&A with Dan Dierdorf, who will be calling the game with Greg Gumbel on CBS.

Sebastian Janikowski will play today for the Raiders.

Vittorio Tafur says today is a must-win game for Oakland.

Jerry McDonald on the Tebow circus.


Washington CB Phillip Buchanon and Steelers P Daniel Sepulveda were both placed on IR.

Dolphins CB Vontae Davis is being held out of today's game after he reportedly had a near altercation with Brandon Marshall in practice this week. Miami announced that Davis would miss the game for a "non-injury reason" but Armando Salguero says the dispute with Marshall is not the cause.

Meanwhile, the Browns are reportedly ready to move on from Peyton Hillis and all his fumbles drama. Miss him still?

There's a chance the Vikings may have to stay at the Metrodome next season due to a technicality of their lease.

Terrell Owens failed to show for a child support-related court date, and an arrest warrant for him was issued in San Fran.

Doug Farrar shares some interesting stats in examining the early matchups of the day.

Matt Bowen tells us what he's looking for in today's games, plus AFC and NFC Whispers via PFW.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei digs into what's wrong with CJ2K, and he thinks Jeff FIsher could end up coaching the Cowboys next year. Meanwhile, Mike Florio is hearing that Tennessee could part ways with CJ2K before next season to get out from under his $8M guaranteed salary in 2012.

Here's what Brian Burke has been reading.

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