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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his YGS column yesterday, Ted addressed my own mentally masturbative claim from our CTF in which I suggested the Broncos would be "a legit team" with a league-average QB. I was not discounting Tebow's contributions to Denver's winning streak when I wrote that - we can't arbitrarily subtract his play from the past six weeks and say the Broncos would still be 5-1. It would be foolish and pointless to do so, actually - Tebow played a part in all five wins in varying degrees (IMO none more so than in San Diego). They didn't win in spite of Tim or his play. Obviously, Tim has a lot to do with how and why the Broncos have been so effective running the ball, and I have no problem accepting that they'd be far less devastating there (if even very good at all) with another QB.

My opinion was (and still is) that another QB (not necessarily Orton), given the quality of defense and special teams Tebow's been afforded these past six games, would do quite well, and that success would be sustainable (which is what I meant or should have written when I wrote legit). I don't think it's a far reach to say there are plenty of NFL QBs who would be scoring significantly more than the 16 points per game the Tebow-led offense has been accumulating. However you slice it, the abundance of one- and two-minute offensive possessions Denver's gotten in the past six weeks are pure defense killers.

In case you're wondering what my mystical "league-average QB" looks like, the league-average NY/A (net yards/attempt which includes sacks) is 6.3 yards, while the league-average ANY/A (adjusted net yards/attempt, which has TDs and INTs baked in) is 5.8 yards. Andy Dalton (6.3, 5.8), a rookie, has posted those exact numbers. Ryan Fitzpatrick (6.4, 4.8) has done a tiny bit better, as has Matt Hasselbeck (6.2, 5.9), and in case you're wondering, Aaron Rodgers (8.5, 9.7) is tops in both metrics, Tim Tebow (4.7, 5.5) is 33rd in NY/A and 23rd in ANY/A, while Blaine Gabbert (4.1, 3.5) is the worst in the league at both (which is 34th).

You may recall from Chase Stuart's recent column that ANY/A is the best metric for telling us what's already happened (explanatory, or retrodictive), while NY/A is more predictive of future success because TDs and INTs "play a huge role in explaining who wins a game but are more random than yards per attempt." In other words, the guy more likely to win games is the one who gets more net yards for every throw he attempts. In case you were wondering, Kyle Orton in 2011 is below-average in both metrics too (5.7, 4.7), and he and Tebow have combined to post a NY/A (5.2 yards) better only than that of the Rams and Jaguars.

So, there you have it. Now that I've hashed it all through, what I was saying on Sunday in CTF (in fewer words and less complete thoughts) was that someone like Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Matt Hasselbeck would, in theory, make the Broncos as they're currently playing on defense and special teams, a squad to be reckoned with, and in a sustainable manner which could succeed year in and year out. And remember - Dalton is just a second-round rookie, Fitzpatrick is a Harvard grad who's playing for his third team, and Hasselbeck is the over-the-hill QB most of us thought Tennessee overpaid for.

If you'd like to play around with the NY/A and ANY/A data, you can always find it at PFR for teams here (Passing Offense) and for individual players here (click the headers to sort, and non-qualifiers will disappear for these rate stats, leaving 34 QBs).

As for the Kerry Byrne/SI piece that's setting Denver sports radio afire, I think it's a big pile of statistical junk, and it's a perfect example of how stats in the wrong hands can be rather dangerous and serve to delegitimize the folks who "get it" like Brian Burke, Chase Stuart and Byrne's own CHFF colleague Scott Kacsmar, among others. I'm not being elitist when I suggest that Byrne doesn't get it while Burke and Stuart do - they've obviously spent a lot more time with math than he, because Byrne shows in his column that he's willing to completely ignore the basic definition of a statistical relationship, or he's simply ignorant to it. I'll have a lot more to say about that in a few hours.


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