The Daily Lard 11-3-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As typical of a bye week, not much in the way of Broncos news. But, plenty of interesting stuff going on elsewhere, including Randy Moss’ refined tastes, Shanny’s newest QBgate, and the release of Lights Out.

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Josh McDaniels let the players head out a day or two earlier than usual during a bye week, and they will return a day early to prep for the Chefs.

It’s mailbag time for Mike Klis, who was given a good collection of questions to work with.

Jeff Legwold reports in on Elvis Dumervil, whose recovery from surgery is going well.

Legwold looks at where the Broncos stand and comes to the stunning conclusion that they need to turn things around.

Kiszla tries to make the case for Denver going after the just-released LB Shawne Merriman. Sure, let’s go after Randy Moss, too. Matt Jones? Is he available?

Thankfully, Klis explains why the Broncos will (of course) not claim Randy Moss. In fact, he believes nobody will.

MJD understands why it isn’t nearly time for Tim Tebow.

Broncos D-Line coach Wayne Nunnely has a simple but brilliant football coaching invention to his name. A football on a stick. No joke.

Patrick Saunders shares the stories of how several overseas Broncos fans became hooked on the team.


Kent Babb on the Chefs’ improved O-Line.

The Dolts placed WR Buster Davis on IR. Plus, notes on their upcoming matchup with the Texans.

Jerry McDonald credits the Crypt Keeper’s hiring of OC Hue Jackson for Jokeland’s recent success.


While Mike Shanahan often works out several veteran players midweek, he took it to another level yesterday by taking a look at none other than JaMarcus the Hutt.

Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb says he’s in fine shape.

Matt Bowen says Shanny needs to speak up.

Oh, brother. Mike Holmgren takes a cue from his boy Favruh and says he’d consider a return to coaching.

Logan Mankins reported to the Pats.

The Sea Chickens have placed DE Red Bryant and old friend Ben Hamilton on IR.

Randy Cross reminds us that it’s all about the QB in the NFL.

By the way, the Patriots are back...

Pat Kirwan points out that the Patriots have managed to pull off a rebuild while still winning. Of course, it helps to have a certain guy named Brady…

Andrew Brandt answers questions about Brett Favruh and Randy Moss.

PK with more on Shanny/McNabb and email responses.

Steve Porter put out another stellar remix, this time featuring one Randy Gene Moss.

In case you hadn’t heard, it was Randy’s discerning palate that got him axed from Minnesota. No joke.

To no great surprise, the Broncos’ O-Line is not faring well in terms of Brian Burke’s EPA (Expected Points Added).

Should the Saints have gone for a fake field goal on Sunday? Burke responds.

Here’s FO’s latest DYAR and DVOA.

Week 8 in pictures, courtesy of KSK.

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