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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! John Elway told Dave Krieger that he's stopped reading his Twitter account, and who can blame him? Krieger writes, 

Trying to have a rational public conversation about Tebow is mostly futile these days. The subject has passed into a realm normally occupied by politics and religion, where people already know what they think and once the usual talking points are exhausted, the argument often devolves into personal insults. Because Elway shares the doubts of many league insiders about long-term success without a robust passing game, and because he's forthright enough to say so, he is now routinely accused of being jealous of Tebow's popularity and wanting him to fail...Maybe the Twitter loudmouths are just the lunatic fringe. But it would be understandable if Elway has reviewed his most recent career choice lately and wondered to himself, "What the heck was I thinking?"

I couldn't agree more. However, if in fact Tim does not have the ability to be a franchise QB anytime soon (and you know what I think of that), then there's nobody aside from Elway who has the political capital to move on from the Tebow experiment. Well, except among the Twittersphere, of course...


Notes from Mike Klis and Andrew Mason: David Bruton, Cassius Vaughn and Daniel Fells were limited at practice yesterday.

Lindsay Jones details the ascent of Quinton Carter and Chris Harris into pivotal roles as rookies.

Arnie Stapleton on the exceptional rookie season of Von Miller.

NFL Films previews Sunday's game, plus video of John Fox, Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy speaking after practice, and NFLN's GameDay Morning crew discussing Tebow's future in Denver.

Practice photos from Stuart Zaas and Andrew Mason, plus notes from Kenny Legan.


San Diego avoided a blackout by selling out the game; Shaun Phillips is expected to see limited action on Sunday, while LT Marcus McNeill is out again and RB Ryan Mathews is iffy and did not practice yesterday.

PFW is hearing that a failure to make the playoffs is likely to lead to an overhaul of the Chargers roster.

Chris Jenkins on the arrival of Tebowmania to San Diego.


The Packers rolled to 11-0 with a 27-15 victory over the Lions, who proved over and over that they really are a dirty team, especially Ndamukong Suh, who was ejected for stomping on Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. Suh hilariously tried to spin his own actions rather than own up to them, and Matt Bowen thinks the second-year player deserves a suspension, while Jason Cole thinks Suh's selfish and uncontrolled actions are a reflection of Detroit coach Jim Schwartz and his own antics. Doug Farrar writes that despite getting the Suh call correct, the officials were an inconsistent wreck of a crew throughout. Matt Bowen analyzes the Packers' victory.

Dallas needed a FG at the gun to slip by the Dolphins 20-19; during the game, Jason Witten tackled a Cowboys cheerleader while running out of bounds.

Baltimore physically dominated the Niners, beating them 16-6 and sacking Alex Smith nine times in the first coaching meeting of the Harbaugh brothers.

Seattle placed RT James Carpenter on IR, while Peyton Hillis may be nearing a return.

As expected, Kyle Orton will not be starting this weekend for Kansas City. Either way, America isn't counting on Kyle doing a whole lot to improve the Chiefs' season.

Pat Kirwan, Mike Tanier, Mike Silver and Drew Magary preview the week's games; Tanier is picking the Tebows.

According to ANS, Denver's playoff chances are all the way up to 13% after being down to 1% just a few short weeks ago.

Rob Rang updates his big board.

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