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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As mentioned yesterday, Denver will be without Demaryius Thomas, Andre' Goodman and Darcel McBath on Sunday. Josh McDaniels also addressed the question of whether we're about to see a lot more of Tim Tebow soon (we're not). Of course, this is all everyone wants to talk about. Me, I want to know how the Broncos are going to find a pass rush, and who they're going to draft come April to help that cause. If you're traveling today, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! If not, don't worry - IAOFM is open everyday, and so is The Daily Lard!


Here's the weekly press release from the Broncos' PR department for Sunday's game.

Josh McDaniels met with the press yesterday.

Klis responds to some very good questions, with equally good answers. Must be IAOFM readers...

Legwold sticks up for Kyle Orton.

Plus, how the Broncos' latest injuries might affect their defense Sunday.

Here's the AP's story about why Tim Tebow won't be starting anytime soon.

Woody thinks the Broncos should start Tebow as an attendance draw in Week 16. Aside from that silliness, Woody does let us in on the notion that Denver would have tried to move up in the 2009 Draft had Sam Bradford come out early. Damn...

Legwold on the Broncos' maddening inconsistency.

He also points out that Monday showed just how big the gulf is between the Broncos and Dolts.

Plus, Legwold's notes on the Broncos.

Klis says Mr. B had the right list when interviewing HC candidates after dumping Shanny.

Finally, because we didn't know, Legwold explains why it's hard to convert on 3rd and 16...

A group of retired players including ex-Broncos Steve Atwater and Ray Crockett lost a court appeal as they hope to recoup money lost in an investment scandal. (Thanks, BroncosLady!)


Aside from scoring 30 in Week 3 against Shanny's Skins, the Lambs have not scored more than 20 points all year.

Sam Bradford's success this year is magnified when considering the crappiness of other QBs.

How will folks look back upon RB Steven Jackson when he's done?

LJ shares some snippets on the Lambs.


Jokeland has apparently signed Jarvis Moss.

Jerry McDonald on where Moss might play.

Randy Cross was impressed by the Dolts on Monday.

Vincent Jackson is back for the Dolts, while Patrick Crayton and others are out with injuries.

To make room for Jackson, San Diego cut K Kris Brown. Plus, other notes.

Who are the Chefs, really?


The G-Men have signed WR Michael Clayton to replace Hakeem Nicks, who is out with compartment syndrome in his leg.

Despite all of the NFL's tough talk about dangerous hits, the yellow flags are not flying.

Pat Kirwan shows us how the versatile Reggie Bush opens up the Saints' offense.

Mike Lombardi tries to figure out where it all went wrong for Chilly and the circumstances of his hiring.

There was apparently an awkward moment on the MNF pregame show as Matt Millen flipped out on Steve Young.

Ross Tucker makes the case for the NFL's Thursday games.

Michael Vick is on a forgiveness tour of sorts.

Matt Bowen ponders the future of VInce Young.

In case you were dubious of the NFL's parity this year, check this out - everyone can beat everyone!

Here are your TV maps for the week.

Mike Tanier previews the Turkey Day games.

The Broncos have now fallen to 25th in Brian Burke's efficiency ratings.

CHFF on the greatness of Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers.


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