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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Just some quick math to clean up Kyle Orton's contract info (not because you care, but because I'm a little OCD about making sure I get this right) - Denver paid him a $1.5M roster bonus at the end of July, and 11/17 of his $7.379M salary works out to $4,774,647.06 - so Denver has paid Kyle $6,274,647.06 and $2,604,352.94 remains. Should Chicago or KC claim him, the Broncos will be off the hook for that latter amount, Kyle gets to play rather than sit behind Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn, and perhaps he gets to go back to the playoffs with the Bears. It's a win/win for everyone, unless of course he comes back to Denver and beats the Broncos with either team. Remember how dramatic it appeared a Cutler/Orton or Cutler/Tebow might be? Well, Tebow/Orton is even better - at least as far as Denver fans are concerned.

Jeff Darlington lays out the list of teams that could put in a claim for Kyle, including perhaps Atlanta to block Chicago from getting him. Andrew Mason and Jeff Legwold detail Orton's release and his rough season, while Lindsay Jones tracks the muddled outcome of the Jay Cutler trade, which essentially netted Denver Robert Ayers and parts of Demaryius Thomas, Tebow and Eric Decker. Meanwhile, Dave Krieger thinks the whole thing seems a little fishy and wonders why Denver didn't cut Orton loose weeks ago. Well for one, what if the team had instead gone 1-4 with Tebow? And, prior to the injuries to Cutler and Matt Cassel, they were probably certain that no team would put in a claim for Kyle, and they'd be left holding the bag on his remaining salary. So as usual, it's all about the Benjamins.


As Legwold points out, the remainder of Denver's schedule doesn't look nearly as intimidating as it had even a few weeks ago.

Legwold compares Von Miller to Mike Croel as per a reader question.

Here's the full list of HOF semifinalists, including our own TD, Snow Goose and Smilin' Assassin.

Kenny Legan profiled Willis McGahee for last week's GameDay magazine.

Someone named a horse "Tebowing" and frankly, I can't believe it took this long.


Steve Palazzolo reviews Chargers/Bears for PFF and keys on Ryan Mathews' fumbleitis, the play of San Diego's nose tackles, and the resurgent Vincent Jackson.

Chris Jenkins measures the decision facing players like Chargers G Kris Dielman who suffer concussions during games but play on and face much worse health consequences afterwards.

Jenkins scouts the Broncos from San Diego's perspective.

As of yesterday afternoon, the Chargers were still about 3,400 tickets shy of avoiding a blackout for Sunday's game.


The NFL announced that starting this week, it will have a representative in the press box of every game to monitor for concussions, who will be able to communicate with the medical staffs on both sidelines.

Washington already dumped RB Tashard Choice after claiming him off waivers from Dallas; Indy claimed DE Mario Addison off waivers from the Bears.

Buffalo placed CB Terrence McGee and WR Donald Jones on IR, while Jacksonville did the same with LB Clint Session.

Raiders WR Chaz Schilens says everyone on his team thinks Warren Sapp is a joke, and Sapp is all butt-hurt now.

Andy Benoit focuses on Dolphins/Bills, Panthers/Lions, Falcons/Titans, and Ravens/Bengals in his weekly film review.

Recapping Week 11 - From PFF, the best players (Brodrick Bunkley, Von Miller), ROY race (still led by Miller), and 32 observations from Nate Jahnke; Will Brinson's weekly awards (Miller again, for best defender), PFW's MVP Meter (Tebow!), and finally KSK captionizes Week 11.

Mike Tanier examines the terrific matchups coming on Thursday for both NBC and the NY Times.

Eric Edholm previews the week's action and says Tebow and Phil Rivers have turned into comic-book opposites of each other. Plus, PFW's players of the week and rookie meter, including Von Miller as the best defender and top rookie.

Matt Bowen breaks down Eagles WR Riley Cooper's game-winning TD catch against the G-Men, plus he explains why the Patriots' tight ends create such drastic matchup problems.

Bucky Brooks thinks Sunday's great performance by Lions RB Kevin Smith may be more than just a one-hit wonder.

Despite another win, Denver slips to 29th in the ANS efficiency rankings. Obviously, one could react with a "See, stats are dumb, ZOMG!" but A) Take a look at the company the Broncos are keeping on this list; B) This is just a reminder that "just winning" doesn't happen long term. 


Greg Gabriel points out that the sons of Colts GM Bill Polian and QB coach Ron Turner are both on the coaching staff at Stanford, which provides Indy with an inside line on Andrew Luck information. Well isn't that special? Gil Brandt thinks that despite perhaps unreasonable expectations, he doesn't see much of a chance of Luck being a bust, because he has both skills AND intangibles.

Peter King and Ross Tucker respond to emails; Tucker can't see Tebow becoming a consistent passer.

DYAR and DVOA via Football Outsiders.

Wes Bunting's top slot receiver prospects.

Another epic mailbag from Drew Magary, led off by a guide to Tebow trolling.

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