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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Greg Cosell was likely speculating when he suggested during his weekly podcast with Doug Farrar that Rex Ryan's Jets might keep nine men in the box and run Cover-0 with Darrelle Revis and OctoDad. Because as Ryan Wilson pointed out in a post yesterday, Sexy Rexy's book Coaching Football's 46 Defense has an entire chapter devoted to defending the option, and as part of the lead-in to the chapter, he writes:

As a DC, you should avoid rigging a "special" defensive plan versus the option. Every defensive scheme can be manipulated to meet the demands of stopping an explosive option attack. Generally, it is a bad idea and an unsound premise to structure a special defense for the option. With the 46 pressure defense, you don't need a special plan or a gimmick, you only need practice at the sound strategies available inside the package...The 46 allows you to plan various strategies to attack the option. These looks are accomplished through varying the individual responsibilities of your perimeter and second-level players...Just as the DE can be assigned different responsiblities, so can the free safety and linebacker.

I think you get the picture, but if not then sign into your Amazon account, click on Search inside this book, submit option and you'll find that Rexy devotes more than eight pages to the weakside option. Hopefully Mike McCoy or one of his assistants brushed up on this chapter, because frankly they'll need some creative wrinkles to outscheme a guy who literally wrote a book on defense. Either that, or they'll need to have superior personnel or out-execute the Jets defense, which is tied with Denver for eighth-best in terms of yards per rush allowed. Which one do you think the Broncos are counting on accomplishing?


Andrew Mason says Willis McGahee will be a game-time decision tonight and that every player on the roster practiced on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus some photos from practice, and notes from LJ.

Jeff Legwold's unscantastic game preview, plus some keys for the Broncos.

Matt Bowen thinks the Broncos need to open up the passing game tonight, and he's curious to see how Tim Tebow handles Sexy Rexy's pressure and whether he can make some big plays against it.

Brian Burke writes that so far Tebow has "helped more than hurt his team, but only barely" and expects tonight "will resemble his struggle against the Lions more than his three wins as a starter." However, his game probabilities do give Denver a fighting 42% chance of victory.

Legwold chats with John Fox, Sexy Rexy and Dick LeBeau about defensive innovation.

Dave Krieger thinks the defense will have to keep the score low to give the Broncos a chance to win tonight.

Legwold says Josh McDaniels thought he could tweak Tebow's delivery to make it work at the NFL level.

In his latest mailbag, Woody continues to hang onto the notion of Robert Ayers as bust. I guess we've gotta credit his stubbornness?

Terry Frei points out similiarities between the NFL debut of John Elway with last week's win in KC. Naturally, Tebow = Elway.

Video of John Fox, Dennis Allen, Mike McCoy and several players speaking about tonight's game.

In the latest Pick-6 Podcast, Andy Benoit says the Jets may not be harmed by the short week since there's not as much to prep for with the non-passing Broncos (starting at around 45:15).

Eric Decker's girlfriend will be singing at halftime tonight.

Emmitt Smith would like to have played with Tebow, because "he wants to get better," unlike most young players who prefer the status quo.


The Jets have fond memories of their PI-assisted victory in Denver last season.

Gary Myers says the Jets must halt the regression of Mark Sanchez if they're to reach their lofty goals.

Meanwhile, the Jets are vocally supportive of Sanchez, for whatever that's worth.


Chargers G Kris Dielman and Carolina RB Mike Goodson were placed on IR, while Chiefs QB Matt Cassel had surgery on his right hand and may return this season.

Chiefs G Branden Albert was also reportedly at the NYC nightclub where a man was shot to death.

We all know Andy Reid is dumb when it comes to clock management, but you know what's really stupid? Not tweaking your offensive signals when facing the team you traded your backup QB to. Especially when he's not playing and has time to just stand on the sidelines, calling out your plays to his team's defense.

As Pat Kirwan points out, it's not just Ryan Clady who's getting flagged for more holding penalties - it's a league-wide problem.

Andy Benoit hits up the film to preview Bears/Chargers and Packers/Bucs, plus more thoughts on Giants/Eagles, Raiders/Vikings, and Titans/Falcons.

Add Doug Farrar to the list of analysts who can see a pathway to success for Matt Leinart and the Texans.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Bucs are struggling due to an absence of leadership and accountability.

Bucky Brooks explains the success Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith are enjoying in San Fran.

Among Mike Freeman's thoughts for the week is that the Jets D is going to crush Tebow.

Matt Bowen breaks down the "Dino Double Post" route concept for going deep against Cover 1/2/3/4

PFF's best (Joe Mays) and worst players from Week 10, plus a review of some key matchups and 32 observations from Nate Jahnke.


Denver has moved up to 28th in Advanced NFL Stats' efficiency rankings, 20th in CHFF's power rankings, and 21st on Mike Silver's weekly list.

More Week 10 captionization from KSK.

Rob Rang's latest big board, plus Wes Bunting updates his list of the top 10 senior prospects.

Jack Bechta considers whether there was too much power concentrated at Happy Valley, while Leigh Steinberg sees a backwards prioritization of football over real life. Jason Whitlock offers his take on the anger directed at Mike McQueary.

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