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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Thankfully, we don't have to bother speculating on who will play QB on Sunday, because John Fox confirmed it will be Tim Tebow, although he didn't commit beyond that.

Meanwhile, Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports' Eye on Football reviews all of Tebow's throws, and he writes,

Tebow continues to struggle with identifying coverages, going through his progressions, and getting the ball out of his hands on time. Couple that with average arm strength, poor mechanics and inaccuracy issues, and you get a lot of bad football.

Wilson has apparently been doing this all year long for Tebow including the preseason; here is his analysis of Tebow's first start in Miami.


Notes from Mike Klis: Willis McGahee says he plans on playing this week in Oakland, and it appears none of Denver's new injuries from Sunday were serious.

Sam Monson reviews Sunday's loss for PFF, and he thinks it's pretty clear the Broncos should have had a TD on their first drive, blaming the officiating for the result. He wonders if that would have changed the rest of the game, but writes that Tebow didn't show a whole lot after that initial possession. Unsurprisingly, Orlando Franklin and Zane Beadles emerge with some pretty rotten grades, while Brodrick Bunkley and Von Miller stood out as rare bright spots.

Luke O'Brien writes that the Tebow drama all feels so manufactured, and he points out that Tim posted the worst single-game performance since 2008 according to The Worldwide Leaders' Total QBR.

Doug Farrar reacts to the decision to stay with Tebow.

Jeff Legwold figures we'll see plenty of Tebow operating from the shotgun on Sunday, as Kyle Orton did in the season opener versus Oakland. Plus, he says the gameplan versus Detroit was clearly tailored to Tebow's abilities, reiterates that Tebow holding the ball too long is partly to blame for all of the sacks he's taking, and he points out the Broncos' most glaring non-QB issues.

In his latest mailbag, Klis just isn't buying into this notion that the coaching staff is to blame for Tebow's struggles, he thinks the Dolphins are the one team who wouldn't trade a chance to draft Andrew Luck to Denver, and he laughs off the ridiculous comparison of Tebow to John Elway.

Dave Krieger wrestles with the question of whether the Broncos didn't have Tebow throw more short passes because he couldn't hit them, or because the Lions were preventing them from doing so.

Andrew Mason goes over some numbers from Sunday's loss, plus he updates McGahee's status.

PFW's Eli Kaberon reminds us that the Broncos' problems extend far beyond Tebow, and he 

Video of John Fox's Monday presser, notes on his comments from Kenny Legan, Gray Caldwell on Willis McGahee's injury, plus Stuart Zaas on the great month put forth by Britton Colquitt and some lipstick on a pig-type numbers from Sunday.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the John Elway Show with Vic & Gary; at 2:15 of the first one, they ask Elway if he saw improvement from Sunday, and he plainly says "No." Here's a partial transcription.

The convicted killer of Darrent Williams was also found guilty in the witness killing of Kalonniann Clark.


Oakland signed veteran CB Lito Sheppard, who is expected to suit up for them already on Sunday. Word is that Carson Palmer is up to speed on the Raiders offense, and there's a good chance he'll be joined by his Bengals teammate and recent workout partner T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who will be taking a physical for the team today. Sheppard was added because Oakland has been shorthanded at the position due to hamstring injuries to both Chris Johnson and Chimdi Chekwa; he had spent training camp with the Raiders but did not make final cuts.

RB Darren McFadden and LB Rolando McClain did not practice yesterday, but McClain was doing sprints.


The Chiefs beat the Chargers 23-20 in OT after Philip RIvers fumbled a snap as San Diego was looking to kneel and run down the clock in preparation for a likely game-winning FG. Oh, and he threw two picks to boot. Adam Teicher recaps the game for the KC Star, while Kevin Acee does the same for the SDUT. Meanwhile, Antonio Garay (of Hello Kitty smart car fame) dyed his hair like a Jack-o'-lantern. Plus, an NFL safety panel will discuss today the Chargers' mishandling of Kris Dielman's concussion last week. Awwww, poor Phil.

Bill Polian says the Colts want to keep Peyton Manning on the active roster solely for the purpose of seeing him practice at some point. Meanwhile, Manning's first replacement Kerry Collins says he's done playing, for real. Or, he's at least 99% certain.

Where else would Tashard Choice end up but in Washington to join Shanny's collection of running backs.

Mike Lombardi, Jonathan ComeyBill Barnwell and Lynn Zinser sum up Sunday's games, while Matt Bowen dishes out game balls. Lombardi says the Lions were the "worst possible matchup" for Tebow, while Comey marvels at the lackluster list of starting quarterbacks John Fox has started throughout his coaching career.

Chase Stuart considers the historical rarity of the Bengals' thriving rookie combo at QB/WR with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

In FO's latest Audibles column, Mike Tanier points out the oddity of seeing the Broncos use a full-house backfield while down five touchdowns.

Brian Burke considers the "clutchness" of NFL defenses and finds the Broncos to score pretty much neutral in that category.


Back at the Deadspin Roundtable, Robert Weintraub could see Brady Quinn taking over from Tebow at some point and rattling off some wins. Must be an ND fan...

Drew translates Peter Kings' MMQB.

Wes Bunting reviews the play of Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley from their Saturday matchup, and he finds that both lived up to their high billing, saying that Barkley is clearly the second-best QB prospect out there.

Rob Rang also checks in on the week's college action and comes away mightily impressed by Barkley's play.

Ted Sundquist focuses on the importance of having top defensive tackles and what to look for when scouting them. Good luck getting through the pile of half-sentences that lead the column off...

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