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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Lindsay Jones and I spoke a few days ago about Denver fans' feelings of empowerment, and she quoted me and linked to IAOFM within her article today. Obviously, we're flattered that Lindsay sought out our opinion - here's what I said, plus some expanded thoughts on the topic:

It seems like fans feel like their voice matters, that it counts, and that it should carry some weight. We don't really see it that way. It's a horrible way to run a team. You can't win games consistently over a long period of time if you operate that way.

The organization’s responsibility is to win as many games as possible, and that requires a long-term plan and vision. Fans tend to take the short view, while teams (businesses) should be less myopic. The moment a team starts “hearing” what the fans want in terms of which players to draft/sign/cut/sit/play, or whom to hire/fire is precisely when their chance of being successful ceases. That's not to say that the Broncos' current management (or any other) is always right, or that the fans are consistently wrong. No owner, general manager, coach, or head of football operations is ever 100% correct, and of course the fans aren't just ignorant dummies either. But we always have to remember that those making the decisions for the Broncos are operating with plenty more information than are any of us, no matter what we think of their ability to process it well. Of course, our goal here at IAOFM is to constantly narrow that knowledge gap by providing you with the best independent analysis of the Broncos anywhere, and we hope we are succeeding. As always, thanks for being here.


Andrew Mason offers his pregame analysis, focusing on turnovers, the return of Champ Bailey and the Denver D, how much this game means for Denver's season, and reminding us that San Diego's record belies the problems they've had thus far.

Jeff Legwold's un-scantastic game preview. The going must be getting tough, huh? No more photo-adorned previews, and now resorting to quoting hacks? What's the DP coming to?!

Dave Krieger swoons over Andrew Luck, who decimated the Buffs last night with John Elway in attendance and on the Stanford sideline; Krieger thinks Elway could very well cement his legacy running the team if he's able to bring Luck to Denver.

Rahim Moore responds to questions from LJ.

LJ points out that the Tebow billboards aren't the first vocal expressions of fan malcontent in the NFL.

For the SDUT, Kevin Acee says the Chargers face a tough schedule after this week, plus Chris Jenkins previews the game.

RIP Al Davis

It is expected that the Davis family will maintain control of the Raiders.

Obituaries from Jerry McDonald for the Oakland Tribune and Bruce Weber for the NY Times, a SF Chronicle editorial, and an official statement from the Raiders.

Reaction from the Bay area: Columns from Steve Corkran, Monte PooleCam InmanTim Kawakami, Mark Purdy, Gary PetersonGwen Knapp, Scott Ostler, and Steve Corkran and Steve Kroner share reactions from former Raiders players and coaches. Plus, a slideshow from the Mercury News chronicling Davis' life.

AFC West writers Woody Paige, Jeff Legwold, Mike KlisKent Babb, and Bill Williamson remember The Crypt Keeper.

NFL FilmsDoug FarrarGreg Gabriel, Andrew BrandtGil Brandt, Dave AndersonMike Silver, Peter King, John Clayton, Judy BattistaJason Cole, Alex MarvezKerry Byrne, Ken Crippen, Leigh Steinberg, and Big Daddy Drew memorialize the legend.


Oakland placed LB Ricky Brown on IR and promoted FB Manase Tonga from their practice squad.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei says he's hearing that teams aren't too psyched about the look of the 2012 Draft class at this point.

Dave Seminara explores the automatic-ness of the extra point in the NFL.

AFC and NFC Whispers via PFW - the Broncos' coaches say that despite Von Miller's greatness, he still has plenty of room for growth.

Here's what Matt Bowen will be looking for from today's action.

Doug Farrar tries to figure out what is ailing the Eagles' pass defense.

Brian Burke shares some links.

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