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Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know what helps empower fans into thinking they have a vote as to whom their team's QB or head coach is? Writers like Dave Krieger and his column today, that's what. Krieger is now framing the Orton/Tebow debate as a "war" between the Broncos and their fans, and in a continuation of the sentiments expressed by his colleagues Paige and Klis, Krieger suggests that a win over the Chargers on Sunday is the only way to keep the hounds at bay.

Krieger takes umbrage at John Fox's assertion that Kyle Orton won the starting job in training camp and that's why he's got it now. But really, what is the guy supposed to say? That the team is re-evaluating the QB situation every week throughout the season? That the team has to start winning or else Orton's gonna be riding the pine? What, pray tell, would that accomplish? Look, Fox is clearly not a juicy quote guy, and we've known that from prior to Day 1. So to parse every word the guy utters is an exercise in futility, or mental masturbation at best.

Really, this is skipping ludicrous and going right to plaid. There are twelve games remaining. For all those clamoring to "see what we have" in Tebow, is there going to be a huge difference between an eight-, nine- or 10-game glance? If this team is 1-7 and Tebow hasn't taken over by then, perhaps we've got a beef...


More praise for the exceptional play of Von Miller from Legwold.

You know what's hilarious? People already asking about the job security of John Fox.

Arnie Stapleton on the youthful play of Willis McGahee.

Stuart Zaas highlights some positive numbers from Denver's first four games, Mike Rice offers perspective on Sunday's blowout, a blog entry from Rahim Moore, and yesterday's edition of Elway Live.

Here's a video clip of Tim Tebow's appearance on The Biggest Loser.

The judge in the Perrish Cox case is allowing some taped interviews to be presented as evidence against Cox.


Nick Canepa wonders when the Chargers' top receiving threats will ever get healthy.

Chris Jenkins says the Broncos have the altitude on their side and that's it, and he basically says the QB situation is making Denver something of a laughingstock.


The Dolphins fear that Chad Henne's season could be over thanks to a separated shoulder. Miami was unable to sign a replacement yesterday in David Garrard or Jake Delhomme, and neither Brodie Croyle nor Trent Edwards were signed after working out for the team yesterday. Anyone know of a team with a QB or two to trade away?

Colts DT Eric Foster is done for the year after the nasty ankle injury he suffered on MNF. Also placed on IR were Seattle LB Matt McCoy (replaced by former Rams LB David Vobora) and Niners DT Will Tukuafu.

Texans WR Andre Johnson is expected to be out up to three weeks after having a procedure done on his injured hamstring.

Steelers LB James Harrison will be out for a few weeks with a fractured eye socket, and the team may bring back Max Starks as they try to repair their awful O-line.

CB Phillip Buchanon is back with the Skins after having served his four-game suspension.

Mercedes Benz has purchased the naming rights to the Superdome.

As usual, Time Warner Cable continues to screw their subscribers over with a dispute with a content provider - they still have not offered them NFL Network.

In case you were born yesterday, here's a little news flash: Brett Favre is an egomaniacal, self-centered prick whose successor in Green Bay is playing better than he ever did, and already has as many championships as him. As a result of this, Favre is resorting to pop shots to try and preserve his overblown legacy by discrediting Aaron Rodgers (it's the talent around him, apparently).


Matt Bowen assesses the league through four games, says the Bucs are indeed contenders, and previews Calvin Johnson versus the Bears and their Cover 2.

Bucky Brooks (of course) says Von Miller is his DROY so far, even though Rodney Dangerfield John Fox says Von ain't getting any respect.

Greg Gabriel grades rookies from Falcons/Seahawks and Lions/Cowboys.

Ross Tucker thinks the league's heavy reliance upon passing is resulting in craptastic offensive line play.

According to Burke's rankings, the Broncos are the 20th-most efficient team in the league at this point, up from 24th last week. Plus, the latest DYAR and DVOA from FO.

For CHFF, Scott Kacsmar revisits the week in comebacks while Erik Frenz examines some standout line play, including Oakland's offense.

Chase Stuart on the remarkable performances of Wes Welker and Calvin Johnson through four weeks.

Chris Brown breaks down LeGarrette Blount's game-winning TD from MNF, plus the play that changed college football.

Over at PFW, players of the week for Week 4, MVP and rookie meters (still led by Von Miller), and Eric Edholm looks ahead to Week 5.

MJD (admittedly jumping to conclusions), Don Banks (year of the comeback?), Clark Judge (struggling teams), Alex Marvez (positive and negative surprises) assess the season at the quarter pole, while PK responds to emails.

Where are the Broncos in Burnsy's Suck For Luck power rankings?

NFL puppets? Oh my.

This kid celebrating a Man U victory is phenomenal meme fodder.

Not sure how I could neglect to point this out last week, but there's a new Wilco album out.

Arrested Development is coming back with 10 episodes and a movie, and to celebrate I just blue myself.

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