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Good Morning, Broncos fans! With the Chargers looming and the bye week to follow, the drumbeat for Tim Tebow to take over as Denver's QB is growing. In his latest mailbag, even the mild-opinioned Mike Klis suggests that the Broncos may have to go with Tebow should they lose again on Sunday. Or, at the least he thinks the fans may show up at Dove Valley with pitchforks and battering rams should the team not make the switch. What he doesn't see happening, however, is a trade of any of Denver's signal callers, because who trades for a quarterback midseason? Klis also confirms that there will be no changes to the Broncos' orange jerseys next year when Nike takes over, and incredibly he's not sure the Colts would take Andrew Luck should they land the first pick in the 2012 Draft.

Meanwhile, Woody says that as much as John Fox would like to stick his fingers in his ears and not hear the clamoring for Tebow, it's just not going away. But at the same time, Woody acknowledges that benching could potentially create something of a locker room problem. Ah, what to do...what to do...


In reviewing Sunday's game for CHFF, Nate Winkler writes that it's not panic time for Broncos fans (because we're rebuilding), Denver can't afford to have Champ Bailey on the sidelines anymore, that Kyle Orton's pick-six was a killer, and he blames Josh McDaniels for the lack of talent.

Notes: Champ says he will play on Sunday, and Fox is acting like nobody's praising the play of Von Miller. Sure, John - indignation is the way to win everyone over.

Willis McGahee and Joe Mays wish the fans would be more supportive of Orton.

Legwold says Von Miller is a fine answer to offenses that spread it out, plus he reviews the impact of the Broncos' draft choices after four games, and of course says the Broncos have a long way to go.

Eli Kaberon and Bill Rhoden thinks it's time to go with Tebow.

Kiszla isn't all too impressed with John Fox to this point, while Krieger saw in Sunday's game a reminder of just how long a road Denver has to travel.

The Broncos are offering cheap tickets for Sunday's game through Living Social, even though they don't have the balls to admit it.

Part 1 and Part 2 of John Fox's Monday presser, plus a summary of his comments via Max Henson. Plus, Part 1 and Part 2 of the John Elway Show with Vic & Gary.

If it makes you feel better, Aaron Rodgers is on pace to blow up some NFL records, and he set one on Sunday, too.

Ah, just what we need - Knowshon's exercise bike failure to get national attention.


The Bucs got 287 yards from Josh Freeman and 127 from LeGarrette Blount but had to mount two comebacks to beat the Colts.

The Jets have lost LB Bryan Thomas for the season with a torn Achilles, while the Titans will be without S Chris Hope for 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile, Browns C Alex Mack had an appendectomy yesterday, Ben Roethlisberger has a sprained foot and is iffy for the Steelers' next game, and the Texans aren't sure about the extent of Andre Johnson's hamstring injury.

Thankfully, the NFL is finally setting about to conducting a broad study on concussions and turning its back on their previous quackery.

A new HGH test can detect use of the PED as far back as 21 days instead of the current 72-hour window.

Ronnie Brown committed one of the most ridiculous fumbles in history on Sunday, and Mike Freeman says other teams are snickering at the Eagles' stumbling start.

Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi says frustration is evident in Philly and that Handshake Haley still doesn't know how to act like a head coach, plus his own goodbye to the Dinger.

Matt Bowen on Sunday's top performers, the lethality of Devin Hester in the return game, and Patrick Peterson's technique on Hakeem Nicks' game-winning TD for the G-Men.

Andrew Brandt revisits the Carson Palmer/Mike Brown saga.

For Advanced NFL Stats, Keith Goldner considers why Jay Cutler gets sacked so often, plus Jack Moore examines the slew of turnovers from Ravens/Jets.

Over at CHFF, a recap of Week 4, their latest rusher ratings, a crowning of the Lions, and reviews of Pats/RaidersTitans/Browns, and Bucs/Colts.

Scrapple is considering offering all-22 coaches film online, and they're conducting a survey to probe the market. Even if you personally wouldn't pay for it, please fill out the survey positively  - obviously, having such a service would help us create an even better IAOFM for you!

Ted Sundquist says it's crucial to have a shutdown corner, plus his thoughts on the mindset of personnel men at the quarter pole.

Drew interprets PK's MMQB, while AA reviews Week 4 in NFL broadcasting.

Someone at the league office apparently thinks Madonna is still relevant, because she's performing the halftime show at the Supe.

Well, at least we don't have to hear Hank Williams Jr's hackneyed MNF song or watch those horribly produced intros anymore - ESPN has pulled them after he likened President Obama to Hitler.

Rob Rang reviews how some top NFL prospects did last week.

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