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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! What a remarkable week for Tim Tebow, huh? First, he onside kick diving catches nickel personnel against obvious draw singlehandedly brings the Broncos back from down 15 points with three five minutes left in the game against a terrible real NFL team to snatch victory from the jaws of the winless Dolphins defeat. Then, we learn that Tebow really is closer with his offensive teammates than is Kyle Orton, hence the incredible effort they all put forth on his behalf for five minutes all game long.

Next, we find that a pair of Tebow's pants are available on eBay for the low, low price of $5,000 $4,999.99 (Free shipping!!!). Then, a vomit-inducing an awesome music video dedicated to His his greatness, AND we find out that he's got a DVD coming out (I already pre-ordered 35 copies of it to distribute to my family at Thanksgiving)! (Amazing he found time to film a DVD, hawk undies, and do a book tour in between all those countless hours practicing his snaps from under center and perfecting his throwing motion.)

But yesterday Tebowmania reached another new pinnacle, with his very own Taiwanese animation and a new meme he inspired on Sunday called Tebowing going viral. Heck, even Von Miller got swept up in the craze. And to think, it all started at the bar I used to watch Broncos games at until I got DirecTV just so I could Chew the Fat with the guys. Not to be a jerk about it, but how can anyone complain about East Coast media bias when Tim Tebow's very first meme starts in the heart of New York City? Hahaha.


Notes from Andrew Mason and Lindsay Jones: Chris Harris may be taking over the nickel spot from Jonathan Wilhite and Cassius Vaughn, while Elvis Dumervil and Willis McGahee both missed practice.

Captain Obvious says the Broncos have a better chance of winning with Tebow if the running game does well. Plus, he focuses on Ndamukong Suh.

Mason examines the Broncos' scoring and drive statistics.

Dick Stockton and John Lynch will be calling Sunday's game for FOX.

Lost in all the Tebowmania is that D.J. Williams now has a hyperbaric chamber.

NFL Films and the Playbook crew preview the game, Chris Hall examines the Champ/Megatron matchup for Broncos TV, and video of John Fox, Dennis Allen and Mike McCoy speaking after practice,


Brandon Lloyd is skeptical about Tebow's chances for sustained success, especially against better opponents - because he says Tim's style can hinder the timing inherent in a successful passing game. Dave Krieger writes that this very skepticism is part of the reason Lloyd was dealt away to St. Louis, although he figures some folks will be mad.

Christian West of PFW reminds us that QBs often get too much of both credit and blame, and that evaluations of Tebow's play on Sunday epitomizes that - he got too much blame for the first 55 minutes, and too much credit for the last five of regulation.

Kevin Braig says the relationship between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers has been key to Green Bay's success, and he relates it to Tebow by saying that an NFL coach must maintain contact with reason, rather than just going with something (or someone) on pure faith (no, not the religious kind, but the faith that a player will just "get it done").

Jared Kleinstein, who started this whole Tebowing meme, had some pretty great answers to the WSJ's questions.

Let's just say Dan Fogarty and MJD aren't impressed by Tebowing.


Looks like Matthew Stafford will be starting for Detroit on Sunday despite his sprained ankle, we're unlikely to see Jahvid Best, and Nick Fairley says he'll play despite not practicing yesterday.

Tony Scheffler can't wait for the game to be over is excited to come back to Denver.

Michael Rosenberg compares and (mostly) contrasts Tebow and Stafford.

Dave Birkett on the looming showdown between Champ and Megatron.


The Bears have released S Chris Harris, who had been a starter until just a couple weeks ago.

Tampa Bay gave S Tanard Jackson a one-year extension just a couple weeks after he returned from suspension.

The bighearted Commish says Troy Polamalu should have left the fleld to call his wife and tell her that he was okay.

Mike Tanier is going with the Lions among his weekly picks, and he's tired of hearing that Tebow is just a winner. Meanwhile, Mark Wald is taking Denver and the points (3 of them) among his weekly bets because he's not yet sure what to expect from Tebow, and the Lions haven't covered as road favorites in forever.

Scott Kacsmar looks at QB turnovers throughout NFL history and finds that Kyle Orton is one of the best ever at not turning it over. Now, as for actually doing something with the ball like getting it into the end zone...

Bill Barnwell sets odds on the MVP race.

Andy Benoit shares some thoughts on this week's Giants/Dolphins, Ravens/Cards and Bills/Skins matchups, plus Doug Farrar's latest podcast with Greg Cosell.

Khaled Elsayed checks in on how some non-first-round rookies are faring; Orlando Franklin has graded okay except for two rough games against Miami's Cameron Wake and Oakland's Kam Wimbley (as Doc pointed out on Wednesday), Rahim Moore has struggled with missed tackles, and Quinton Carter didn't have a great game against San Diego but fared better in Miami.

Sam Monson of PFF breaks down a few key plays from Week 7, while Matt Bowen analyzes Tom Brady's game-winning TD pass to Aaron Hernandez against Dallas from a couple weeks ago.

Among his weekly X-factors, Bucky Brooks thinks Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball need to gain around 100 yards rushing to open things up for Tebow.


Here are the latest playoff probabilities; according to them, Denver has a 3% chance of making it.

Jeffri Chadiha examines each of the stigmas Cam Newton has already overcome this season to reach NFL stardom as a rookie. And as Mike Freeman details, both Newton and Christian Ponder worked with Chris Weinke during the lockout, with Newton even running routes for Ponder.

John Clayton previews the week's games, while Don Banks lists the season's biggest underachievers to date.

Greg Gabriel breaks down rookie play from Chiefs/Raiders, while Wes Bunting reviews some underrated prospects.

Losing to the Broncos has not yet cost Tony Sparano his job, but it has caused him to list his guido palace house for sale.

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag, plus Christmas Ape reminds that just because one has perspective, one does not need to disclaim every freaking complaint or criticism with said perspective. Go figure...

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