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Good Morning, Broncos fans! In Andy Benoit's preview of Sunday's game, he says we shouldn't expect to see much change in Tim Tebow's throwing motion going forward, that we can at least hope his footwork will improve, and he calls Tebow's arm strength "middling" by NFL standards. Benoit's answer to the question of why the Broncos don't unleash Tebow's game earlier is that doing so would create more mistakes and bigger deficits. And, nothing Benoit saw Sunday served to convince him that the Broncos have a true deep threat who can stretch a defense among their wide receivers. He writes that this is why the Broncos are so conservative on offense, although of course this is Foxball! Denver wasn't exactly chucking it downfield with Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Orton, either...

Benoit says the Lions' run defense is much better than their ranking would suggest, and that a few missed tackles have led to big runs and those poor numbers. But he thinks the Broncos need to try to attack Detroit up the middle in the run game, and pretty much abandon the idea of running outside. As for the Lions' offense, Benoit says the absence of Jahvid Best has really hurt their passing game and tightened things up for Calvin Johnson, who is seeing more double coverage as a result. This, combined with the presence of Champ Bailey and the pass rush ability of Von Miller tells Benoit the Broncos should be able to hang with the Lions' passing attack.


Practice notes from Andrew Mason and Mike Klis: Robert Ayers did practice despite his knee sprain, while Elvis Dumervil and Willis McGahee did not, although John Fox says that McGahee is day-to-day despite having had surgery on Tuesday to repair a broken metacarpal. According to Klis, Julius Thomas will be back on the field Sunday.

Denver worked out two RBs on Tuesday: Xavier Omon, who's played for five teams including the Bills with Eric Studesville, and Tyrell Sutton, who was with the Panthers under John Fox. Of course, there's always the likelihood that Jeremiah Johnson gets promoted from the PS, and Lindsay Jones says to expect more carries be given to Knowshon Moreno.

Jeff Legwold considers how the Broncos will match up with Calvin Johnson (Champ Bailey) and Ndamukong Suh (Chris Kuper and J.D. Walton). Plus, he offers his thoughts on BSU QB Kellen Moore.

Chris Hall reports from practice for Broncos TV, John Fox and Tim Tebow speak afterwards, and the No Huddle crew revisit Tebow's prospects as an NFL QB on NFLN. Jim Mora, Jr: "so, anytime you say anything critical about him, the Tebow-maniacs jump on you." That's been your experience, huh Jim? No clue what you're talking about...

Photos from practice via Max Henson, Notes from Kenny Legan, Gray Caldwell on starting games better than Denver did Sunday, and the announcement that this will be an Orange Sunday.

Te-bow Te-bow Te-bow Te-bow

Mark Kiszla says the problem with letting Tebow just run around and try to make plays all game long is it increases the likelihood that he'll get seriously injured. And it's true - Tebow may have been durable in college, but it doesn't take a lot - just one concussion, broken rib, bruised sternum, or knee sprain to knock out a QB for a couple of weeks.

In his latest mailbag, Woody offers his theories on how to improve Denver's offense with Tim Tebow: use a hurry-up, run more screens to Knowshon, put Eric Decker in the slot more and throw it to him a lot, and roll Tebow out left a bunch. He also suggests using Kyle Orton intermittently throughout games, but really what's the point? Why would we want to take possessions away from Tebow's audition/education/whatever you want to call it?

The play on which Tebow fumbled while running had been originally scored as a sack, but Elias has changed it - so now he was officially sacked six times instead of seven.

As Christmas Ape details, John Fox just isn't as big of a Tebow fan as you are.

In case you were too pissed off to read all the way to the end of that one, there was a link to this horrifying video.

Tim has written a memoir, so now it's time for a DVD all about him! Here are outtakes from it.


Shaun Hill ran the Detroit offense at practice yesterday, while Matthew Stafford was suited up but took no snaps.

Lions RT Gosder Cherilus sat out practice with soreness, but he will play and discussed the prospect of facing Von Miller. Meanwhile, RB Jahvid Best is still out with a concussion and unlikely to play Sunday; DT Nick Fairley is also banged up but says he won't be missing any practices.

Drew Sharp thinks the Lions didn't always get their opponents' best performances back when they used to suck.

Tim Twentyman sums up the Lions' comments about Tebow.

Here's a fancy game preview from the Detroit News which blows away the scannerific DP previews of weeks gone by, at least in terms of graphics.

Ty from The Lions in Winter examines some numbers showing the Lions' recent offensive struggles.


KC brought back TE Anthony Becht yet again, San Diego placed LB Larry English on IR, and the Bills signed LB Antonio Coleman off the Giants' PS to replace Shawne Merriman.

Brian Burke's game probabilities give the Broncos a fighting 49% chance to win, and that doesn't even account for the chance of Stafford being out.

Benoit also examines the matchup between New England and Pittsburgh.

Among their random thoughts, Mike Freeman could see Jim Tressel taking over for Jim Caldwell in Indy at some point this season, Pat Kirwan can't believe the Broncos won Sunday with a such a high sack rate, and Gil Brandt also looks at how pass defenses have caught up in recent weeks.

In his latest Walkthrough, Mike Tanier examines the Panthers' offense and is impressed with the job done by OC Rob Chudzinski. Plus, a picture of Marty holding a championship trophy for once, albeit the UFL one.

Jack Moore takes a closer look at how dominant the Saints were on Sunday Night against the Colts. Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi believes Caldwell needs to step up and really take command of his team.

Doug Farrar examines the fine start to Andy Dalton's career in Cincy and wonders if Pete Carroll is regretting not having chosen him in April.

Chris Brown explains how to attack heavy blitz looks on offense.

Andrew Brandt considers which Moneyball-type concepts are already part of NFL decision making.

PFF goodies: 32 observations from Nate Jahnke, Neil Hornsby takes an early look at Pro Bowl candidates, Khaled Elsayed examines the worst individual performances of Week 7 and evaluates the play of the 2011 first-rounders, and Ben Stockwell revisits the prime matchups from last week.


Mike Silver doesn't appreciate Roger Goodell's double standard when it comes to fining players but not coaches for their actions.

Jack Bechta thinks rugby and NFL football each have lessons for each other, and he'd like to see more ruggers playing over here.

NFL offenses continue to increase their reliance on TEs in the passing game. (Thanks, RSH!)

Bill Barnwell examines the nuances of teaser-hedge bets.

Ted Sundquist gives us a peek at his iPod and how they remind him of some NFL prospects gone by.

Rob Rang updates his big board, while Wes Bunting shares his top junior prospects.

Bill Simmons revisits some of his Halloween costume suggestions from mailbags of years past. Plus, Big Daddy Drew's costume ideas for NFL personalities to don.

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