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Good Morning, Broncos fans! So, Nate Jackson thinks the fact that Tebow doesn't fit everyone's conventional mold of a QB is good for football. Should Tebow become a sustained NFL success, that will absolutely be true. It's always neat to see the prevailing wisdom of the day turned on its head, no matter the forum, and a winning Tim Tebow would be great for the sport, not just for the Broncos. Yet, just like it's irresponsible to declare Tebow will never be an NFL QB, it's a bit early to be pronouncing him a football hero, wouldn't you say? Or, is perspective only welcome when the Broncos lose?

You know what else is funny about Jackson's column? The notion that passing the football and stopping the pass is the surest pathway to winning has only recently overtaken the outdated mindset of running and stopping the run. Sure, there have been plenty of championships won over the past several decades by teams that leaned primarily on their passing games, but the notion that this NFL is a "passing league" is still relatively new. And guys like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have reset the bar for precision quarterbacking over the past decade or so. But, Jackson finds this all too bland for his blood.

Honestly, this doesn't really seem so much about Tebow, but more about Jackson, his pal Jake Plummer, and Mike Shanahan. Perhaps it's just my interpretation, but it seems everything Nate writes these days is a veiled zing at Shanny. Looking back, I do wish Shanahan had passed up on Jay Cutler, kept the Snake around and let him do his thing a bit more, but does everything really have to be about the stodginess of coaches who want things done precisely as they envision? Because here's the thing - you know what happens to coaches for whom players don't execute just how plays are drawn up? They lose, and then they get fired. So, of course coaches are demanding and exacting.

And, Tebow will not be an exception. You've all seen the plays Ted has drawn up (and more here) to make use of Tim's unique skills, and none of them involve TT telling his receivers to "just get open" 20 times a game. That only works every so often; it's not a game plan or an overarching strategy.


In his weekly comebacks recap, Scott Kacsmar points out some caveats to the "First 15+ point comeback in three minutes since 1970" ZOMG stuff. First, it's only been 17 years since the two-point conversion was instituted, and we all know that first scoring drive actually started with 5:23 left in the game. Still an amazing comeback, but this "first ever" garbage needs to go away, and ASAP. On the flip side, Kacsmar shows that yes, Tebow so far seems to have a knack for this sort of stuff, and of course hopefully we'll see more of it.

Doug Farrar revisits the two-point conversion and agrees with the Dolphins players who say Mike Nolan screwed up big time.

Andy Benoit hits up the film on the Broncos' and Lions' games from Sunday and sees effective blitzing from Dennis Allen's boys, notably Von Miller and Brian Dawkins. He says the notion that Detroit suffers on run D is overstated, and that their linebackers excelled all day against Atlanta. On the flip side, Benoit writes that the Lions' offensive line is middling, providing some hope that Miller and Co. can get some pressure on Matt Stafford or whomever is playing QB for Detroit.

Jeff Legwold saw a Miami defense that turned down its aggression late on Sunday, just like the Chargers had done two weeks earlier.

Legwold also examines the Broncos' revolving door in the secondary and says it's also time for Knowshon Moreno to audition for his future in Denver.

Matt Yoder of AA scours the internet for Tebow talk and pleads for everyone to just let the guy play and see what happens.

Patrick Imig of CHFF also checks in on the Tebow-centric media and of course finds the DP among those fueling the fire.

The WSJ's Reed Albergotti compares Tebow with Carson Palmer. (Thanks, RSH!)

More perspective negativity from Gregg Easterbrook on what Sunday's win meant.

Only $5K for a pair of Tim Tebow game-worn pants? What a bargain! Which do you think happens first if someone ponies up? Do they put them on, or do they do this?

Kenny Legan recaps the latest Elway Live.


Detroit signed CB Don Carey to their active roster, releasing TE Joe Jon Finley to create room for him.

Jim Schwartz says his team is allowing their opponents' strengths to shine through.


So it turns out Miami owner Stephen Ross does have someone in mind to replace Tony Sparano sooner than later, and it is Bill Cowher. Meanwhile, the Dolphins signed QB J.P. Losman to replace Sage Rosenfels, who is suffering from a mysterious blood disorder.

Eventful day for the Vikings, who finally cut disgruntled WR Bernard Berrian and suspended CB Chris Cook, whose domestic battery arrest was a result of him allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

Several players were placed on IR Tuesday: Bills LB Shawne Merriman, Colts QB Kerry Collins, TE Chris Cooley and RB Tim Hightower of the Skins, and Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli.

The Jets waived C Colin Baxter, who had filled in for an injured Eric Mangold.

Hey, T.O. - is a workout really a tryout if nobody actually shows up?

Chase Stuart says the explosive passing numbers of the first five weeks have regressed to the norm after the past two weeks. Perhaps it was the lockout? Whatever it was, we can all ease off those cries that the NFL had become flag football. As for Tebow's comeback win, Stuart is reminded of Vince Young's 99-yard drive to beat Matt Leinart's Cardinals from 2009 - mainly because VY was praised at the time for having a "will to win" which trumped any other deficiencies.

Bill Barnwell recaps the week and says Demaryius Thomas had a pretty rough debut.

Eric Edholm looks ahead to Week 8 and wonders if it will be Knowshon Moreno or Lance Ball who gets the bulk of Denver's carries on Sunday.

Matt Bowen analyzes Cam Newton in the read option and Mike Wallace taking it deep, and he's anxious to see Dez Bryant matched up against Nnamdi Asomugha.

Weekly recaps from PFF: Players of the week, ROY race (still led by Von Miller), and introspective analyst talk; CHFF: Rusher ratings; PFW: Best players of the week, top rookies and MVP rankings.


Denver drops to #23 in Burke's efficiency ratings, and 29th in offense. BUT HOW CAN THEY DROP WHEN THEY WINNNNNNN?!?!?! ZOMG ROFL

Ross Tucker and Peter King respond to emails.

Greg Gabriel evaluates rookies from Browns/Seahawks, while Wes Bunting checks in on prospects whose stock is rising.

DYAR and DVOA from FO.

In case you were wondering why things didn't work out for JaMarcus Russell in Oakland, it's apparent the Raiders just asked too much of the kid.

KSK captionizes Week 7, and Rex Ryan was Kenny Powers before Kenny Powers was Kenny Powers, in addition to having been half the man he is today.

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