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Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know what really grinds my gears? People like Dan Gainor (whom Kiszla quotes extensively in his column today) who say they're rooting for Tim Tebow because he's a "good role model" and a "player whose jersey you can wear and not worry about wanting to burn it tomorrow" because presumably he's not engaging in any scandalous behavior. Right, because most players are involved in scandals? Are the Broncos lacking in role models? What's wrong with Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Elvis Dumervil, Eddie Royal, or Kyle Orton among the notable Denver veterans?

What's even funnier, is that Gainor goes on to say that if whatever criticism is directed at Tebow were instead aimed at a racial minority, there would be quite the backlash. This prompts a simple question. Would folks like Gainor be so interested in Tebow or in extolling his virtues if Tim weren't white?


Andrew Mason previews the game and says Von Miller reacted well to being benched in the base defense against San Diego.

In Jeff Legwold's unscantastic preview, he says it's time for Von and Doom to start having a major impact.

Among the things Matt Bowen is looking for today, he's interested to see how Tebow does with a full two week's prep time, and if Denver whips anything new out of the playbook to utilize his strengths.

Lindsay Jones shares a Q&A with return man Quan Cosby.

Mike Klis examines the Dolphins' Tebow-related marketing gimmick, while LJ gives us a closer look at the Team Tebow marketing machine.

More on Tebow's immense popularity in Florida from the Miami Herald.


Armando Salguero considers how the two teams match up. Plus, he says Miami's outlook is pretty bleak and says the problem is Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland's inability to find star players.

Andrew Carter also checks out the matchups for the Sun Sentinel and predicts a Dolphins victory.

Omar Kelly figures Miami will dare Tebow to throw the ball against them.

Barry Jackson calls the Dolphins a team in need of an offensive identity.

Mike Berardino on the strangeness of honoring the Gators and Tebow today in Miami.


With Sebastian Janikowski likely out with a hamstring injury, the Raiders have signed K Dave Rayner to step in for him, waiving CB Ron Parker to create room for him.

San Diego brought back RB Curtis Brinkley, promoting him from their PS and surprisingly releasing RB Jordan Todman to open a spot for him.

Vikings CB Chris Cook was arrested yesterday on domestic battery charges.

The Commish says the NFL would like to have a team or teams play in London regularly and eventually have a franchise located there.

Pittsburgh placed DE Aaron Smith on IR for the third straight season.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei says that in addition to Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal, Oakland's Louis Murphy and Philly's Steve Smith were available via trade. Plus, he echoes what Ted wrote Friday about Cameron Wake, whom Pompei says is all about speed and effort but needs more for his repertoire.

Here's what PFW's been hearing in their latest AFC and NFC Whispers.

Ted Sundquist offers a nod to Jack Welch's 20-70-10 approach in examining roster construction.

Andy Barall remembers former Packers lineman Gale Gillingham, who passed away on Thursday at 67.

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