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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver is hoping to have Julius Thomas in action tomorrow, although he's listed as questionable. Brian Dawkins, Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal and Willis McGahee are all listed as probably and will play.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are banged up at free safety and are unlikely to have usual starter Reshad Jones (doubtful) and his main backup Chris Clemons (questionable). That leaves Tyrone Culver, who's primarily a special-teams player, and Gerald Alexander (who was just re-signed on Wednesday) to man the position. CB Vontae Davis and TE Will Yeatman are also questionable, while Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, LB Cameron Wake, RB Daniel Thomas, and CB Nolan Carroll are all listed as probable.


Tim Tebow is on the cover of the latest issue of ESPN the Mag, and here's the story.

Legwold offers up some keys to the game for the Broncos and says not to expect huge changes to the playbook for Tebow.

Plus, Legwold checks in with Jake Plummer, who says he knows what Kyle Orton must be feeling right about now. Except, you know, that Plummer was really good.

Woody revisits the history at Pro Player/Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium for John Elway (SB 33) and Tebow (FL HS champioship, BCS title game).

Video of John Fox speaking after practice yesterday, Chris Hall for Broncos TV on the Champ/BMarsh matchup, photos from practice via Max Henson, and facts on Broncos/Dolphins over the years from Stuart Zaas.

You know what's not a good sign for Tim Tebow's chances as an NFL QB? Adam Schein thinks he's gonna be good, and win. And please don't give us a load of well, he must see what I'm seeing - this is the kiss of death, folks!

What you've always wanted - a paper Tim Tebow for your desktop. Print one out! (Thanks, Ralph!)


It seems there are always at least a few occasions each year where the NFL and the people running it can go f#$% themselves. Fining Troy Polamalu $10K for borrowing the cellphone of a Steelers doctor during a game (from the sideline) to call his wife and let her know he was okay after having suffered a concussion is a prime example...

Meanwhile, Champ Bailey and Derrick Mason are bewildered by the fact that Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz weren't fined for their brouhaha.

C Olin Kreutz quit on the Saints and citing a lack of passion for the game just months after reacting with indignation to the Bears not giving him a new deal.

Jets CB Darrelle Revis hung up the phone on egomaniacal windbag Mike Francesa mid-interview yesterday.

It's not yet clear whether it'll be Carson Palmer or Kyle Boller starting at QB for the Raiders, who may be without Sebastian Janikowski tomorrow. But the word is that it'll be Boller, and Vittorio Tafur says that Oakland is blitzing more now that The Crypt Keeper is gone.

Mike Lombardi, Peter King and Clark Judge preview the week's games; Lombardi isn't buying John Fox's claim that the Broncos will utilize the same exact offense with Tebow as they did with Kyle Orton, while PK says Tebow won't have as long a rope as he would if Josh McDaniels were still around.

Chris Brown explains how Ed Reed (Ashley freaking Lelie?!?! Really, Shanny? WTF?!) and Troy Polamalu have revolutionized the safety position.

Ted Sundquist says positional coaches often wield plenty of power in terms of personnel decisions. Gotta hand it to Ted - he seems to have stepped away from the Caps Lock and Quote Mark keys cold turkey. Makes it much easier to read his work without getting annoyed by the formatting.


Here's what Brian Burke's been reading, he thinks the Raiders got totally ripped off in the Palmer trade, and Carson Cistulli's weekly notes.

Matt Bowen breaks down how Alex Smith beat the Lions on fourth-and-goal from the six-yard line.

JJ Cooper examines the timing of sacks and finds (of course) that Von Miller is among the leaders in terms of getting to the QB quickly.

At CHFF, Ken Crippen looks at single-season records that may be threatened this year, plus an in-depth preview of Texans/Titans.

Rivers McCown curates the finest quotes of the week for FO.

Chris Chase shares a hilarious story about Ryan Fitzpatrick and how his teammates acknowledge his intelligence.

Unsilent Majority is taking the Broncos and the points (1.5 of them), while Mark Wald is leaning towards the Dolphins.

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